1. D

    Buying advice or a Monochrome Laser printer under 4k

    Kindly advice on a monochrome laser printer under 4k. I just need it to for printing out text. Also it should have minimum refill cost. Please advise.
  2. J

    Need to buy Mono Laser printer for small office

    Hi friends, I was using a xerox 3117 model which has conked. My needs are :- 1. Mono Laser printer , hardy. Don't need high print quality, average quality will be acceptable 2. Should be compatible with windows XP and Windows 8 3. Budget stretchable upto 8K 4. Tonar refilling cost...
  3. P

    Need a single function laser printer

    Need a single function laser printer. Thinking of buying HP 1020. Is it a good choice? Additionally, i would also like a printer to which i can remotely give a print command. For example, say i am outside & want to print a doc. So i just send it to my printer over the internet & get it...
  4. Dr. House

    Buying a Colour Printer under 5k

    I am in urgent need to buy a good printer for normal printing notes and to print photographs from my DSLR. My budget is around 5k. Please suggest me asap.
  5. Skyh3ck

    Need a Wifi Laser Printer + Scanner + Copier and a Budget Laptop for Office Work

    Hello Friends I need a laptop and printer for my office. Following is our requirement 1) Laptop (budget around 22000) Usage : Skype, Ms Office, Windows 7 or 10, Internet browsing, Emails, Should have a good quality processor preferably from Intel, AMD will do if has better spec and price...
  6. rajesh00

    Suggestion need for a printer for home purpose.Max 3k

    Need a portable printer for occasional print outs. 50-100 pages is more than enough.It should have good quality font for reading.I have no idea about printers.Please also give some advice on maintaining and all those stuff.
  7. N

    Printer under 7000 INR With easy Refillable Cartidges

    I m looking for a decent printer under 7000 INR with following considerations: 1. Good Print Quality 2. Scanner should be good enough for daily routine work. 3. Printer should support the paper of varying thickness like if required on a chart paper. 4. Refills should not cost much . If such...
  8. K

    Advice regarding purchase of a printer

    I want to purchase a colour printer for home-use. I have a HP inkjet colour wi-fi printer-cum-scanner which we purchased some 3 years ago. However the ink dries too frequently in that and currently it is not being used. Who is going to take it to the Service Center every time it throws up...
  9. S

    Reliable Multi functionality Printer with reasonable cartidge efficiency

    I thought printer shopping would be easy and straightforward. But this is harder than getting a mobile where there are endless choices!! I don't mind paying a bit higher for the printer. However, my primary concern is cartridge price and efficiency. Cartridge business looks like a mega scam...
  10. Skyh3ck

    Need Keyboard-Mouse, Thermal Paste, Spike Guard etc... Suggestion Please

    Hello I require following computers parts on urgent basis, will be buying from online shopws like Flipkart, Amazon or Snapdeal. 1) Keyboard Mouse combo Usage is normal home, use office work, photoshop and typing, must be multimedia feature, wired 2) Thermal Paste Need good quality...
  11. soyab0007

    Canon E510 Printer with different catridge - Possible

    I am having canon E510 printer, where I was short of black Ink cartridge Have purchased Canon CLI-8 Blk Ink cartridge from local shop for Rs 610.. Later found that it doesn't support my printer. Whereas my printer support Canon PG-88 local shop person is not taking it back.. Is there any...
  12. S

    Suggest a AIO Printer within 8k

    Recently, my Officejet 4255 conked off after 9 years (Serviced just once) and I am looking for a new Inkjet AIO. Please suggest me a good printer. I will be printing around 5-10 Black pages everyday and approximately 1 colour page per week. Main concern for me is Printing Costs. I am inclined...
  13. bad_till_bones

    Suggestion Required - Laserjet Printer around 6k

    Hi Guys, Need a LaserJet printer around 6k. Thanks guys!
  14. M

    Printer under 3000 rupees

    I'm looking for a good all in 1 printer (print,copy,scan).I will be using it occasionally for academic purposes just random use.No bulk printing intended. I was not watching the printers and the technology updates for a while. So please suggest me some Thanks
  15. A

    Wifi enable the printer

    I have the Epson L110 which is a regular single function printer. I wanted to know whether it is possible to make it wifi enabled. There is not enough space near my desktop so i have to transfer the files to my laptop or tablet and then print them as the printer is located at the other corner of...
  16. D

    HP D2460 Printing Problem

    I found my HP deskjet D 2460 printer printing different colour from that shown on the screen. It is an inkjet printer. I unclogged the printer head manually dipping in hot water and cleaned it several times by HP utility. Now, black colour is printed properly but red is being printed as...
  17. O

    HP Printer not connecting to my laptop.

    I had an issue while connecting my 2 year old HP printer to my brother's laptop that I had borrowed for starting my own business. I used a quick Google search to fix the problem but that did not help me. I then decided to get professional help to solve my problem. After having received many...
  18. C

    A good UPS and printer please suggest?

    Guys please suggest me a good uPS and a black and white iNk printer (no cartridge)(color is also good if at same price)(also a scnner with it is also great ) thanks
  19. patkim

    HP 1515 printer - Request for inputs before purchase

    Friends, I have shortlisted HP 1515 printer. It seems to be available from around 3.7 K to almost 5K price range. Would be great to know some more info thru this forum before I go ahead. Typically what’s the life of a cartridge if not used much? As such the usage shall be relatively less...
  20. G

    Pixma mp287 - am going to break this printer - help me

    I have this PIXMA MP287 Printer I dont know how to fix this problem The cartridges are installed Color and Black. Black is refilled, color cannot be refilled and is not working The Color ink light keeps blinking. Why cant it start printing if only black ink is full and refilled and the...
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