1. GamerSlayer

    Preparing for BITSAT

    It's official! IIT is totally out of my reach but I'm pretty sure I'm capable of BITS. While I'm still going for JEE coaching, I need to prepare for BITSAT simultaneously. I am paying enough attention to JEE coaching such that it helps me for my Mains (hopefully) and also to prepare my mind a...
  2. vickybat

    Future-proofing your PC for next-gen gaming

    This article should not be neglected as it comes straight from the guys in Digital Foundry. With the advent of next-gen consoles, this is how we should prepare our pc's to match their computing power and closed box development advantage. Article
  3. RCuber

    Battlefield 4 Discussion

    Its about time.. Teasers TV Spot Gameplay Video Shots Pic Source "Angry Sea" Gameplay. PS: I will be adding more links and details in this post...
  4. NoasArcAngel

    Planning to drop a year.

    So i got 49k rank in AIEEE, i know thats bad and now what i was expecting at all totally. So i screwed up my career etc.. I am seriously thinking of dropping a year to prepare for all the competitive exams again with proper guidance and self effort. I know i wont get below 35k next yeat, but...
  5. TheLetterD

    Suggestion for some books to prepare for AIEEE

    Hello Since the system is gonna change this year I want to get a book which explains the theory well AND helps me prepare for AIEEE Pls note I do not care for books that just prepare you for IIT-JEE exams. Its beyond my capacity and neither am I interested. So Pls suggest me some good books for...
  6. H

    Oracle study partner

    Guys, anybody pursuing Oracle certification? I need a study partner. We will discuss ideas and prepare for exams. Please PM as soon as posssible.
  7. mayoorite

    Research and development in computer hardware

    Hello ! I am in 11th class and want to make my career in Research and development in computer hardware.So which degree course i should do after 12th and from which college.How could i prepare for the entrance for it from now(Please do not suggest coaching or tutions for preparation).
  8. ajayritik

    I need to prepare an invitation with a picture and text in it how should I do this?

    I need to prepare a nice looking wedding invitation with a good picture and then add some text to it. Which software is best for this? Photoshop?Any suggestions for website which has good pics or any site in which we can do this online?

    help: preparing for acm progg contest

    pls give me names of good ebooks or websites to prepare for ACM Programming contest in college level....
  10. Psychosocial

    Is the media over-hyping the condition of Indian students in Austrailia ?

    Okay, so I am not quite in sync with the current news but today when I went to school, I was informed that I have been selected for the second round of debate (yay!) and this is the topic on which I need to prepare a speach by the 11th of this month.. so please, can you guys help me by voicing...
  11. K

    KVPY examination

    Hey, I'm in class 11th, preparing for the KVPY examination for the SA stream. Anyone given this exam before? How should I prepare? Where can I get previous years question papers? Thanks for all your help.
  12. strider21

    Gordon Freeman spotted!!!!

    What's the big deal you ask what about this :D so fellows prepare yourself for the headcrabs
  13. jack_the_ripper

    Sites for preparing Resume?

    hi, I have my placements coming up in a couple of weeks and i need a good site that will help me prepare my resume. I'll be graduating next year, and i have no prior work experience..! So i need to prepare my resume on these lines. so can u guys pls help me? regards.
  14. rajat.forever

    cat query

    what r d chances of getting a call for 54.08 percentile in cat ? should it better to prepare for next cat? which is better mba or pgdm???????????????????????????????:confused::confused::confused::confused:
  15. dreamcatcher

    The next big thing

    sony is bringing out four of its top establishments ovr the past few months on the guys..fasten ur seatbelts.....prepare to witness one of the most historic days in mobile history.. p.s. hope i dint overdo it...:D
  16. morpheusv6

    How to prepare custom CD labels?

    How do I prepare the personalized label (like the ones on the digit cd)? Do I need special printer, paper, glue? I have Nero 7 and have designed several CD covers vai it. Please tell me how to print it and have it look as a professional CD.
  17. O

    how can i prepare own windows xp

    how cani prepare my own windows xp cd with unoffical packs and my softwares,i recently installed a XP sp3 unofficial pack cd created by one person,i want to create my own Windows xp with my own settings and few softwares. if u know please suggest me
  18. ax3

    hardware prices ! ! !

    where or which site can give me some rough details abt comp. hardware prices ??? as samsungs built ur pc used 2 give ... its closed now ... a little idea so that i could b prepare 2 buy 1 ... only indian sites no international 1`s ... plz
  19. P

    report writing help

    pls suggest me some good topics 4 report writing related to computers or mechanical engineering i've to prepare atleast 15 pages,where can i get the material?? thnx
  20. S

    Best way to prepare GIF images?

    Hi! Guys, I have tried many programs to make wonderful moving GIF images... But I have not got what I expected yet... I have tried Animator from Jasc Software (bundled with Paint Shop Pro) and a few others but can you give me few more softwares wich can prepare good GIF images? Also, a few...
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