How to prepare custom CD labels?

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How do I prepare the personalized label (like the ones on the digit cd)?
Do I need special printer, paper, glue?

I have Nero 7 and have designed several CD covers vai it.

Please tell me how to print it and have it look as a professional CD.


i also want to print CD Covers , sometime back i brought some DESMET cd label papers from the market but when i try to print the matter which i want in the cover , it is displaced because i didnt knew the paper size seting ,,,

is there anyone who is printing labels and who can help us...


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You can use Nero 7's predefined templates to create CD label. Print it on any paper, cut along the boundaries and glue it on to the CDs.

Alternatively you can use CD printers available from the market, that directly print on to the CD. Have a look at this product from TECH COM.
Its a monochromatic printer. I don't know much about colour versions.

If you have a Lightscribe DVD writer you can use Lightscribe DVDs.
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