1. S

    Phone in the range of 7-8k.

    I am looking for a phone in the range of 7-8k. I have no particular preference for touch/non-touch. I would like to know which is better in terms of 1. Call and music quality. 2. Camera/video recording quality 3. Viewing videos, PDF documents, office documents. 4. Overall best phone...
  2. A


    1. Budget - 15000 2. Display type and size - no preference 3. Form Factor- no preference 4. Preferred choice of brand-any brand 5. Preferred input method -either touchscreen or qwerty 6. What camera option you want - primary and secondary both cameras ..flash autofocus 7. Preferred...
  3. MegaMind

    Touch screen mobile under 7K..

    Hey guys my cousin needs a touch mobile around 7K... Main preference is touch screen...
  4. abhijit_reddevil

    Which HD DTH service to choose?

    Hello friends, I am back after a long time to Kolkata after completing my onsite assignment in USA. I need your help and suggestions as usual. I have a 32" LG LCD capable of handling HD telecast (HD ready). Now every DTH service provider is advertising HD telecast. I am confused with which...
  5. fatalcore

    Emergency -Buy laptop Today evening-Rs.30,000

    Hi, My dad is going out tomorrow morning in a business trip. Need a laptop today itself. Please suggest a laptop within Rs.30,000-Rs.32,000 No personal preference . Whichever is best within the range. All your help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance, Fatalcore.
  6. Nemes!s

    Best localities in Pune for buying Appt.

    Hi guys I need favour from those who resides in Pune and other as well. I'm planning to buy an appartment in pune but not sure in which locality I should buy. I had been to Pune 3-4 times long just for a weeks visit long back. But now I'm totally out of touch of recent developments in pune...
  7. clerkman1612

    Suggestion about new PC?(Desktop)

    Guys I m going to Nehru Place Market (delhi) next week.:doublethumb:U Digit Experts have already helped me in making my prefences easier and understandable. But I again want to know which will be best for me seeing VFM n Budget.? I will be using it for Mid-gaming and also Web Designing(Adobe...
  8. P

    Urgent help please ( laptop not booting from cd )

    Hi all , i have Compaq610 laptop of 1 year old... recently my xp got crashed due to virus .. so i made plan to install new xp... but unfortunately my laptop not booting up from any of my xp/ windows xp cds... this cds having no prob as it working fine in all other pc... there is cd as booting...
  9. thewisecrab

    Need best possible phone < 5k

    My cousin needs a phone that suits his needs. Well, you know, music, camera, bluetooth,java support, gprs, etc. Stressing mainly on battery life, expandable memory and music (3.5mm jack with good loudspeakers) Any suggestions? Retailer also needed (see location) No brand preference, but...
  10. eggman

    Need a NOKIA phone within 10k

    Hi friends One of my friends would like to buy a NOKIA (only NOKIA) phone around 10k!! It should have all the normal features (camera,music,bluetooth,expandable memory etc etc) no particular preference! He Doesn't want FLIP n SLIDE or Touchscreen!! Kindly suggest! :)
  11. Akshay

    E75 or Blackberry 8900 Javelin?

    Which one is better - E75 or Blackberry 8900 Javelin? I have read the reviews and I am really confused. Most of the sites have given BB a better rating. But considering the "nokia" tag, GPS (nokia maps), radio, symbian OS I have a little preference for E75. Looks wise BB is better. I will...
  12. jeffrain123

    Seagate Barracuda 320GB SATA2 7200.10

    Nokia N73ME for 7.4k Removed the HDD from sale...putting up my 1 year old N73ME for comes with a 2GB card, earphones, data cable & charger.... First preference will be given to local buyers ..... Price is slightly lowballin here pls......
  13. A

    250gb 2.5" external usb harddisk

    hi guys.... m looking to buy a new 2.5" external usb 250 gb hard disk i hv enquired about the prices but diff shops have diff qoutes n cnt figure out wat is the exact estimate price at which i shud try to bargain wid the retailer. basically m looking 4 seagate or WD passport preference is...
  14. mayanks_098

    Suggest a phone for less than 16k

    What would u suggest if the preference is SE,budget is <16k(u can suggest a little around it too) requirements: 3+ MP cam good music wi-fi( that would be nice)(EDIT: you can exclude this feature) No touch screen (otherwise i would have suggested my awesome P1i itself) Suggest Nokia if only its...
  15. V

    help me with GPUs

    Hey guys, i'm looking for help on graphics cards my config is: Pentium D 2.8GHz Intel D102GGC2 2.5GB DDR2 ram 400W psu I'm not a hardcore gamer. i'm happy at 1024x768(higher is better). my first preference is high frame rates. medium eye candy would do. my budget is 8k. please help me.
  16. H

    which fone to buy after N95 8GB

    hey guys at present i'm using a N95 8GB for the past 4 months and now i wanna try somethin different (read i'm tired of using s60 for more than 2yrs starting frm 6630,5500,N73ME & N95 8GB).so selling off the N95 8GB for 21k. now i wanna try somethin choice r (not in order of...
  17. azzu

    == A new Mobile ==

    My auncle is planning to hav a Mobile in two or three days But the Budget is very limited : 5k (cannot be Xtended :( ) preference :1) Good cam 2) Music ... 3)and easy connectivity to computer
  18. A

    Suggest me a phone under 15K

    My budget is 15K 1. Mainly Internet 2. High quality and loud Sound 3. Good Camera with at least 2 MP 4. Preference Nokia please reply with model no. and it's current market price.. I am from Kolkata. Thanks
  19. go4saket

    Help me in buying a Laptop!!!

    Hi Guys! I want to buy a new Laptop in a range of 60K. Looks and brand is what stands in my 1st preference. So, which one should I go for and please also mention the cost of the same if possible. Thanks and chao...
  20. Kalyan

    Need gfx card decission. urgent..

    Hi all.. I have posted this qn before. but I couldnt make up a decission. Now, I need to make the decission before sep 13th. My friend is coming from US. I asked him to bring me a gfx card. My config is Amd 64X2 5600+ with Asus M2NPV-VM + Transcend 1GB 800MHz RAM. The mobo's got a PCIe 16x...
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