1. pannaguma

    Recommend The Best CRT Television In Rs.25,000 Range.

    Well as the title says , i am looking for a 29" CRT television in the range of Rs.25000/- I would like to know from your personal experience which brand is BEST in performance? Sony, Phillips, LG , Samsung, or something else? preference order would be 1>performance 2>build quality 3>price...
  2. G

    integration of DAP 7.4 with opera 8.0browser

    how to integrate dap 7.4 with opera 8.obrowser.i try to change the settings in preference window in dap.but it is not highlighted.pleaseeee helpppppppppppppppppp :shock:
  3. tuXian

    How To Add Multiple MX Entries And Set Multiple Preference?

    I am unable to add another MX entry for my domain. I am using CPanel ver 9. Its got the option to just set one MX record. How do I add more? Naturally even the MX preference option is not available. My Mail host wants MX preference of 10 but my domain takes it 0. Agreed zero is the best value...
  4. tuXian

    .:: Help Urgent : MX Record Preference ::.

    How to set a MX preference. I have a site that runs on bigmailbox email service. They ask to set MX preference to 10 but my webserver has set the MX preference to 0. How should I change the preference. My control panel has the option of just entering the dns name of the mail server and not the...
  5. K

    which is the best free webhostinr service available ?

    I am planning to host a website for which i need to know which are the best free webhosting services available ? can u please tell me a list of such available services ? my preference is for high bandwidth, no forced add and good control panel.
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