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  1. S

    Essential Strategies for GRE Test Preparation

    Golden Tips to crack GRE: Analyze your strength and weakness Make a Personalized Study plan Practice, Practice makes you Perfect Take GRE and get your Dream GRE score
  2. beingGamer

    For people want to learn jQuery :)

    This is the site you should visit. Watch the videos, explaining the syntax & tips, then try out it in the practice questions. Easy to learn from basics. Code School - Try jQuery
  3. R

    Dota2 Teams scrim?

    HI I have a clan and we are looking for scrim/practice teams. Will mostly play at night 10pm-1am (Most Weekends) If you have a clan and are looking for decent team practice please leave your steam id below thanks!
  4. ashs1

    SSC Study Materials

    Hi guys.. I just Finished my registration for the SSC CGL exams 2014 ( Staff Selection Commission - Combined Graduate Level ) The exams are scheduled at around last week of April.. This would be my First attempt. Can you guys recommend any books from which i can practice ?? Most of...
  5. D

    Online linux box.. where i can try some commands for practice?

    i have been using SQL box in w3schools for sql practice, now i need to find a place to try linux commands on net without installing additional plugins.. as i am planning to practice it with offc pc.. no admin privs to install plugins/freewares.. do we have any websites where i could possibly...
  6. S

    Online Gaming help!!

    I recently bought PES 2013 but when i play this online, i get a lot of lag. I earlier bought COD 4: MW around three years back and got pings in the range of 250-300. Is this common practice in India or am I doing something wrong because i really want to play my games online? I have a BSNL 1mbps...
  7. H

    The Ultimate Fighter finalist learned first moves from Tekken

    The Ultimate Fighter finalist learned first moves from Tekken | Original-Gamer.com
  8. eggman

    First time biker ...How do I go about it?

    Hi Guys Here's my situation. ->My friends have taught me how to ride bikes , so I have some experience of how to ride one. But no road experience and it was 2 years ago. So anyway, I've enrolled into a driving school. It's a 10 hours course , so by the end of it I think I should get...
  9. clmlbx

    sites for practicing computer languages (programming)

    hey guys I remember a while back there were sites that had problems which we could solve by any languages known.. I can't remember the name of sites can someone help.. I need to practice.. I am programmer by hobby not by profession so if I don't practice I will forget currently I need to...
  10. Ironman

    Indore man uses chastity belt on wife

    In a classic case of distrust leading to brutality, a Indore man used chastity belt to keep her wife away from having any extra-marital affairs. Crossing the limits of distrust and cruelty, the 45-year-old mechanic from Sayongitaganj was using chastity belt for the last four years to...
  11. I

    C compiler for windows 7

    Hi guys, I urgently need an c compiler for windows 7 64 bit. I tried to search a lot on google but i could not find anything. I have my exams next month and i need it to practice. It would be nice if anyone can provide me a link or something. Thanks in advance.
  12. M

    Indian F1 Tickets - Practice / Qualifying

    Got these Indian F1 tickets which I can provide - Day 1: Practice - Rs. 1,000/ticket No. of Tickets - 10 Stand - Classic Stand 1 East Car Park Ticket - 2 Nos. - Rs. 500 each Day 2: Practice / Qualifying - Rs. 1,500/ticket No. Of Tickets - 5...
  13. A

    How do i become a fit programmer for the indian IT industry?

    I am currently in the last and final year of my GNIIT.The course started in November 2009 and will end in july 2012.The topics they have covered are 1) C and C++ 2)C#(CUI and GUI) 3)SQL server 2005 4)Data Structures in C# 5)Core Java 6)ADO.NET(which i absolutely hate) I am really...
  14. U

    Online Practice for Entrace Tests

    Hi guys, Here's a little venture from uImbibe.com, it's entrance exam season, we are gonna put up some practice tests for entrance exams up on our site for you to do. Please do check it out, it might be good for some last minute practice! We are looking for questions, so please email use...
  15. S

    from where i can download sql?

    i m in 12th class (c++)i want to download oracle which supports sql which i can use for the practice tell me the site from where i can download it form?
  16. looogk

    how to be a good tester?

    i have complted the black box testing.. and also testing tools.. am interested in testing.. now am doing MCA final year.. what steps will make me to go for a good tester? will it have any certifications? or what are the skills to be learn? how to practice for myself ? suggest me...
  17. fun2sh

    Assembly level programming and Digital interfacing Simulation software needed!!

    Hello guys N girls(if there r any :D)! My external exams are to start within 2-3weeks and i need to practice a lot of Assembly level Programing(ALP) in MASM. But in our syllabus we hav to make programs to control different harwares,.i.e Digital interfacing. In our college lab, we hav been...
  18. R

    c under linux

    hi friends, My hard disk is burnt and i am using my pc on live linux cds with a pen dirve, to watch movies and for other tasks. I want to practice C on pc. Now I am using knoppix 5.1.1 and ubuntu 7.1 live bootable cds. Then how can i practice gcc compiler under this condition. I want details...
  19. debsuvra

    Dance passionately with Dance Mela

    Dance Mela is a multiplayer game from Kreeda. It was given on the Digit magazine's November 2007 DVD. Now after tinkering with it for few minutes, I made my mind to review it for this forum. Well, at first I want to ask that if anyone who is reading this post is aware of Bollywood dance. If...
  20. S

    Where to get C++

    My nephew who is in 9 th class requires C++ language to practice at home. Where can I get it for him. Is it dowloadable from some site or what? Please help.
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