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  1. K

    Insert flash in powerpoint

    Can anyone tell me how to insert a flash video in powerpoint. Urgent help needed plz
  2. anandk

    Google to launch PowerPoint killer?

    Google is working on a tool that will let you convert documents into a presentation much like Microsoft's PowerPoint does, according to the Google Operating System blog. The tool is dubbed "Presently," which is a play on the name of Google's Web-based word processor Writely, according to the...
  3. B

    Any fine PDF converter recommendations?

    Hello, I need a software tool for Windows that works as a PDF printer driver, I mean to stay among the real printers and to create PDF files from what I print to it ( must work with Excel, PowerPoint ).. I tried a few free ones but they all have some nags or annoying limitations, a...
  4. P

    help me in powerpoint. want to insert mu

    I want to insert music in powerpoint slides ;) how to do that? it is not that much simple . what I exactly want to do is this > say I have 7 slides 1 to 7 . Now from 1 to 3 I want it like this >> that when I start a song starts( song a ) then when i am in slide 2 song B starts then when...
  5. Shikher_neo

    A game in MS Excel ?

    I am new 2 this Forum and am not quite sure whether the Easter Eggs (Well,it is a special surprise hidden in a software program!)would be familiar 2 u or not. Sorry for wasting ur time if u already knew though. You need to have MS Office 2000 for the following ,though some of them might also do...
  6. hemant_mathur

    Transferring apps from one mmc to another

    I have 6260 mob which came with a 32mb mmc card containing some sw like quick word and quick powerpoint etc. Now i want to change my mmc but still want those apps. Can anyone tell me how to do it?
  7. K

    best free powerpoint templates

    hello everybody! can someone please tell me where i can find good free powerpoint templates,among other things with which i can make my presentation look better, for example,a font in which the text is shown only after some chicks hatch, can someone please tell me where i can get those things?
  8. T

    Power point template

    I'm having a college fest coming in and i'm the event manger for the IT quiz i need to know sites from where i can download real good powerpoint templates thanking you
  9. godsownman

    Embed fonts in powerpoint

    I have to present my powerpoint presentation tommorrow in front of 60 people. Now since I dont want any blunders , I want to make sure that the FONTS that I have used do not betray me at the last moment 90% of the fonts used are Fancy and are not there in office 2002 version. I have...
  10. ratzee199

    plz help with ppt presentation

    hi to all i am going to give a presentation on INDIAN OIL'S annual report. i want to add a small flash movie to my powerpoint presentation. the file is in .exe FORMAT. i am not able to add it in my presentation. can any1 plz help me ?????
  11. shreyadr

    how to record ?

    how to record ur own voice in powerpoint presentation or flash files ? how to create exe file from powerpoint presentation ?
  12. P

    free alternative to powerpoint

    please tell me if there is any free alternative available for powerpoint and word . please mention the link where it is available and also its download size.
  13. P

    Powerpoint Presentation to Video CD

    Dear Friend, Please help me to slove a problem if you have slove it. I make a presentation using powerpoint with sounds & animations. How can I convert it into a Video CD for running it on VCD Players without lossing of sound, animations, clarity etc. If any utilities or software is...
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