1. a_medico

    Connecting an extra monitor to a laptop for seperate powerpoint display

    Operating System - Windows XP. MS Office 2007 I use my laptop for internet surfing and for printing using MS Word. Not heavy computing (processor centrino duo, 14 inch screen). I want to connect a separate wall-mounted > 17 inch monitor (please suggest which one) in an adjacent room...
  2. Worried From Bugs

    Free PowerPoint templates from Microsoft and others

    Are you looking for free stunning powerpoint templates? Microsoft has a huge list of free templates to give your presentation a professional look. Do check these links for free templates: PowerPoint presentations and slides - Templates - Office.com Free PowerPoint Templates and Backgrounds...
  3. N

    Presentation autorun help

    Hi.. I am stuck, again :-; I have created a Powerpoint presentation in PPTX format, with Microsoft office 2010. Now, I want to use the presentation as Product Demonstration or E-catalogue. I want to make a autorun cd which will automatically launch the presentation. What are the ways...
  4. B

    ebook need 2 learn powerpoint using VB or Macros

    Hi Friends, ebook need 2 learn powerpoint using VB or Macros. if u have any link pls. provide me.
  5. S

    Export Adobe File to Powerpoint

    Dear All, I have a adobe file with 27 pages of images. How can I export the entire pdf to powerpoint without any third party software. Thanks with Regards Subroto
  6. fakkadbaba

    Help : Powerpoint Show

    Please guide on the following aspects:- 1. What does 'embedding' mean, and how to embed a wav file in powerpoint show? 2. Can a wav file be embedded without the 'sound' icon? 3. How to delete/remove a pre-embedded wav or any other file from a pps? 4. If a pps can be opened in 'read...
  7. Sridhar_Rao

    default video player in MS PowerPoint

    The MS powerpoint perhaps uses the windows media player as default to play video files. Several video files (types) out there are not supported by win media player probably due to codec issues. There are other versatile players and third party codecs available. Is it possible to tweak the...
  8. heartripple

    its urgent i was deleted my powerpoint presentation and i want to recover it

    hey all of u please help me i deleted my powerpoint presentation accidently and now i wanted to retrive it from my pen drive as it was saved on pen drive.i tried to install system mechanic 7 pro on my pc but when i double clicked on that setup file set up dilogue box appears for a moment nothing...
  9. akshaykapoor_3

    How to edit a powerpoint presentation ??

    And i thought it was easy to work on powerpoint...anywayz, i have this ppt file with me very nicely designed with flash and all such stuff integrated into it.. I need to edit this file and the worst part is that i cannot change anything present on the slides.. i cant even click on the flash...
  10. L

    start of Powerpoint program as soon as PC starts

    I have been given a project in which a powerpoint presentation has to start as soon as the pc is started. Help me how to do that.... Thanx in advance.
  11. gxsaurav

    View MS Office documents without MS Office

    I was thinking about good out of the box experience in Windows today, & thought why can't MS bundle a simple word or excel or powerpoint viewer in Windows Vista. Well, it seems they can't due to license restrictions. However, MS does provides something for those who don't want to buy the whole...
  12. dashang

    NEED help!!

    I need a powerpoint presentation with images and animation on JAVA programming language. nearly 7-10 slides. I have found out some but they are not attractive . I want Java powerpoint presentation for seminar which i have to give . And i Got to explain while presenting slide. "AS ALL...
  13. dashang

    Need Help!!!

    I need a powerpoint presentation with images and animation on JAVA programming language. nearly 7-10 slides. I have found out some but they are not attractive . I want Java powerpoint presentation for seminar which i have to give . And i Got to explain while presenting slide. "AS ALL...
  14. S

    Open office query

    Presently i m using open office to create a presentation. i have selected a particular master slide for it. but we don't have and can't install open office on our college pc's. they have ms powerpoint installed. I tried to save it in ppt format as well as renamed it as pps but in vain Can...
  15. ankushkool

    flash in powerpoint???

    how can i integrate my flash animation in ppt slides? is it possible 2 integrate vedio?
  16. GeekyBoy

    Which Branded PC to go for ?

    What is the best branded PC I can get for Rs 35000? I will occasionaly play games such as NFS Most Wanted, Carbon, AOE III, etc and light office work such as word, excel, powerpoint, etc. It should have at list 1 GB Ram and a Core 2 Duo Processor.
  17. T

    Powerpoint to mpeg converter needed ?

    :D Which is the best FREEWARE PowerPoint to mpeg converter ? Please advice me.
  18. mayneu

    help me please

    hi guys, i am a noob in computers and programming. i just have a fair knowledge of operating systems like installing and uninstalling and repairing some software problems and also few command prompts i know.... i want to learn c, c++ for simple programme writing and i also want to learn how to...
  19. naveen_reloaded

    __Few Questions__

    hi all guys just have few question here Q 1.) Tell me a/few site to download trailer or teasers for "MOVIES"....remember i am not asking for the movie download site..only the trailer or teaser download site. Q 2.) Does The template use in office 2007 can be used in prev office version...
  20. Kiran.dks

    Hackers turn to PowerPoint for virus infection

    Hackers turn to PowerPoint for virus infection Research found that PowerPoint now hosts 45 percent of attacks Malware authors have made Microsoft's PowerPoint their vector of choice for infecting corporate systems. Microsoft Word was the top choice for malware authors last year looking to...
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