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Rules Last Updated On November 7, 2019

Please note:

If you receive an error saying that you are not allowed to post, please make sure you have verified your email address by clicking on the link that is in the welcome mail sent to you after your registration. Check your spam folder if you don't see it in your inbox after 2 minutes.

Because spammers target the forum periodically, we sometimes turn on moderation for all posts by new members.
If this happens, you might make a post, and it won't show up immediately. Don't panic, this is normal. Just wait a bit for one of the moderators or Admins to approve the post. once you have been on the forum for a few days, this will never happen.

By registering on this forum, you agree to adhere to the following rules:

* Use the search feature and read all Sticky threads
Before posting a new topic/thread, search the forum to see if the topic already exists. There's no point in having two threads running for the same topic. Sticky threads on top are a must read for every new member as they contain all the basic queries answered and guidelines on how to ask questions in each section.

* STRICTLY no plagiarism
Plagiarism is cancer. Please make sure to cite the original source of anything you post, and link to it as well. If members are found violating this rule, their accounts will be deleted.

* Post in the appropriate sections
Not all members visit all the sections. People hang out in sections they usually like more or are more accustomed to. Thus, to get proper help for your problem make sure your thread is in the appropriate section. Read the description of each section properly on the Forum Index Page before making a post.

* Replies
Tiny replies and replies such as "I agree," "Yes," "Cool," etc. and "thanks" will be deleted without notice at the discretion of the moderators. Avoid making multiple "short" posts to convey your point. Posting replies just for the sake beefing up your post count will lead to a permanent ban. Remember, quality matters more than quantity. Please avoid use of SMS slang language.

* No illegal stuff to be discussed/linked to
If it is illegal in India, it's not to be posted on this forum, not even to discuss it.
Be warned: Like every other website, we log IP addresses, and will provide them to the authorities in case you post something illegal.

* No scamming / spamming / advertising.
If you're promoting/selling a service or goods, or site, or anything, we don't want any of it here. Doing so will result in a ban. We will also find out if you're pretending to be a regular user and promoting a certain brand, and will not just ban, but name and shame you and your brand as well. Go market your stuff somewhere else, the Digit Forum is not for you.

* Spamming / advertising via the private messaging (PM) system
If you receive marketing spam from anyone in your inbox, report it to the mods or admins, and we will instantly ban the offending user.

* No controversial / sensitive topics and posts.
Topics such as comparing religion, politics, racism, etc., are considered detrimental to this forum’s purpose. While we're lenient with some controversial topics (Android vs iOS, etc) in the Fight Club section, anywhere else in the forum we will delete such topics.

* Multiple posting
Do not post the same topic in multiple sub-forums. Chances are we will delete all your posts, so choose the forum you want to post in wisely, and then stick to it.

* Use the report button

Below every post you will find a "Report" option. If something upsets you, or you see someone breaking any of the forum rules mentioned here, report them and mods and admins will take action. .

* Thread titles
Use a descriptive title that is SEO friendly, which will help not just members find the topic and decide to reply to it, but also bring in people from the WWW that search for and find the topic. "HELLLPPPP MEEEE" or "S.O.S." is not an appropriate topic. "iPhone battery dying very quickly" is a much better description

* Signatures
Members are allowed to have signatures that are attached to every post they make. Please make sure the language is appropriate and there are no links (including links to your blog). All forum links are nofollow so it's pointless to try and add links anywhere.

* Imposters and impersonation
Imposters will be deleted. If you work for a brand and want to sort out support related queries in the forum for your brand, you are welcome, but please write in to robert dot smith @ before you do so, and get the requisite permissions. We will allow you to respond to queries that members have, but you will still not be allowed to advertise your products.

* No multiple accounts
Please do not make multiple accounts, or all of them might be deleted.

You must follow moderator directions and instructions. Please also respect your fellow forum members

Just remember that forums are one of the oldest forms of socialising, so have fun, be courteous, and treat everyone like they're real people you deal with in the real world, and there should be no problems.

I'm available at: | @Raaabo | |

Happy to answer any queries or attend to problems with the forum.

Remember to enjoy yourself.
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