1. a_medico

    Truecaller popup query

    I have been using truecaller since a year or so. Earlier it used to work fine. But after several upgrades, it doesnt popup anymore 'before' call. I get popup afterwards, or have to check the caller id manually. Have they made it a premium feature now? Or am I missing something in the settings?
  2. V

    POP UP Blocked in windows phone

    I was purchasing some item on the shopping websites in windows phone lumia 520 . But when I clicked to payment the bank website does not open and a message appears showing POPUP Blocked. how can I allow the POPUP to complete the transaction. Please Give me a solution so I can purchase item with...
  3. Kishal

    opera doesnt uninstall

    i used chrome till now but i found opera 11 to be better. so i thought of installing it. but i found that i had opera 9.25 previously installed on my pc. i uninstalled it but it still appears in the programs list. it doesnt uninstall as well. on uninstalling, a popup appears asking for a file...
  4. ajayashish

    Vista ShutDown Icon

    i have installed vista and have some query... when i click on the power button on the start menu it sends it to sleep mode... what i have to do is click on the arrow and then from the popup menu i need to choose shut down... is there any way i can bring this option to the first level...
  5. G

    Show the message saying your windows is not genuie

    Hey guys, i have been having discussion:( with my dad as i want to complelety shift to Fedora:p as it is free as in freedom:o, and many more. but he says he is fine with windows:-? and now i want to show him the windows like loves is pirated and ethically it is wrong to use. So, i want to show...
  6. mr_fanatic

    Annoying popup: Installing both MS Office 2003 & 2007

    Hello, I've installed both Microsoft Office 2003 and 2007 on Windows XP SP3, and when i open office 2003 everything is working fine, but when i started 2007, it always popup as shown on the image below. I will be very thankful if anyone could help me on getting rid of the popup. Thanks
  7. Faun

    How to make rusty websites compatible with FF or Opera

    Wtf ! Every website developed by India for India is just IE compatible. Try to open in another browsers and they all phail at some point or other. Here this one site uses some popup calendar to choose the date and enter in textfield. So when I click on the calendar it just displays a popup with...
  8. P

    Windows XP starting problem

    Hello Friends :) My name is Pragna, I am facing problem with Microsoft Windows XP, everytime the computer boots with normal booting and opens untill the desktop and stops. Then only the windows related programs can be opened like My Pictures,My Videos,files can be transferred from one...
  9. jyoti.mallick02

    problem in installing firefox addons???

    Every time i want to install a addons(extension) an error message is popup :confused: snapsot: pls help me out NB:-sorry if i posted in wrong section
  10. ray|raven

    Gtkrc Help Needed.

    I have a theme called Samui, *www.opendesktop.org/content/show.php/Samui?content=41263 Everything is fine with the theme, except the part that , it shows large icons on popup menus. Could someone tell me how to change the size of the images displayed on popup menus? Thanx, ray
  11. C

    Is there any Danger in installing Bryce 5.5 from Aug DVD

    When I went to DAZ Productions site to get Serial Number for Bryce 5.5, I found a popup stuck on the webpage. I Found from the source code that it is to initiate a Hack. The code is either "body onload=initHack();" or Javascript with "dazEvent(window, 'load', initHack);" I want to know...
  12. ComputerUser

    Automatic updates don't install

    On my friend's computer,the updates of XP don't install.A nagging popup says that updates are not ready and the PC must be connected to the net.We tried it and everything else but that popup comes back after 2-3 days.Is it an adware??
  13. A

    Wed Designing prices

    Dear Friends, I would like to know the normal rate(price) that can be charged to the followings by a web designer. Static HTML page with contents and 2-3 images. Image Gallery(with 15 thumbs+when clicked, they open in a popup window) PHP+MySQL enabled page calling atleast 5 SQL queries. Main...
  14. estranged12


    ive put up with Vista's User Access Control long enough... i just disabled it. Now is there any way to remove that annoying security center popup at startup?
  15. champ_rock

    simple popup

    hi i want to create a basic and simple popup which will open a website say www.google.com on my website page as soon as that html code is executed can that be created in html only?? if yes then please tell me the complete code.. thanks
  16. fanatic

    Website Affliates

    Hi, Are there any website affiliates which pay for popping up an AD or popup on ur website. And the popup placed doesnt need to be clicked. Like you just get paid for that pop-up? Are there any kind of affiliates? If there are please list all the reliable affiliates here. Also list all...
  17. eagle_y2j

    Wat had happened to by Firewall!

    hi to all from past three days my PC with Win XP sp2 is behaving strangely on start up a popup pops out saying firewall is turned on and status of antivirus ok but after some seconds another popup says no firewall is turned on and when i try to enable it there is an error message that "Due to...
  18. J

    Some most useful question's

    i can want some solution from all of you 1. how can i setup a software installer on another pc using my pc and another connected over networking. 2. how can i send a request installing a software on another pc 3. how can i make a popup to another user on networking only from my pc another...
  19. C

    IIS [problem with authentication]!

    Hey guys! I have recently started working on an Asp.NET project. I have installed IIS v5.1, VS.NET 2003 and the .NET framework. The problem is that whenever I request the * or for that matter any .asp or .aspx page I get a popup dialog box asking for...
  20. P

    Error in Windows File Search

    hello dudes, i m using win xp SP2 and my problem is that i cant use the "search" in my windows. whenever i searches for something the following error message pops up. Unexpected Error Action could not be completed. and the popup window title is Search Companion...
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