1. tamatarpakoda

    Forgot your iPhone password? Ask Siri for it!

    While Apple and the FBI fight it out in the courts over iPhone's encryption policy, a young lad shows the world a much easier way into getting a locked iPhone's password. Source: TheLadBible
  2. O

    [Query]Ext. HDD- which removal policy better?

    Dear All, I have my 3 TB Seagate ext. hdd. permanently connected to my machine via USB 3.0 port. I use it mostly to store my downloaded files and install games. My query is- if i opt for the 'better performance' option under the removal policy section (pls see image), will there be a...
  3. Ricky

    National Encryption Policy- Another joke or India wants to be NSA ?

    My another rant.. So, India's National Encryption Policy Draft is out and is seeking suggestions from general public before implementing it. There is whole lot of story in it, however, I will go through some basic stuff in short: 1. They want every citizen to be aware of encryption...
  4. Ronnie012

    PO in SBI?

    kindly delete this thread ........................................kindly delete this thread..........................................
  5. bssunilreddy

    NEW FUP LIMITS from Beam:

    NEW FUP LIMITS from Beam: Choose your speed plan Unlimited Data Plans Charges in INR Plan Speed Old FUP Limit New FUP Limit Speed Post FUP Monthly Half Yearly Yearly 2 Years B-Max 410...
  6. sc3n3l0v3r

    Reliance launches Nokia & HTC phone with Zero Plan Rental (EMI Offer)

    After iPhone Zero Plan Rental Offer, Reliance has forwarded its hands to Nokia and HTC with Zero Plan EMI offer.:lol: Zero Plan offers you > Zero down payment on your phone > Zero bills for next 24 months > Zero limits on data, voice, SMS, and roaming > Zero hidden charges For...
  7. R

    Help me in choosing suitabe branch for engineering

    hello everyone, i am really confused in between computer science and information technology.let me tell you about my qualification i am having certificate in CEH(Certified ethical hacking),CHNA(Computer Hardware & Networking Administration),learned website designing too and know every basic...
  8. quicky008

    What policy does Samsung India have for dead pixels?

    My Samsung B2030 LCD monitor has developed one dead pixel at the center of the screen-I've tried various methods to revive the stuck pixel but they have been of no use whatsoever.While looking for possible solutions to this issue on the web,I discovered that in countries like...
  9. C

    Asus global warranty

    Hi all I wanted to inquire about if I buy a asus laptop from us will I get its warranty in india?? Or there is something else meant by global warranty policy????
  10. izzikio_rage

    3G unlimited plan in Bhubaneswar

    Hi guys Finally got sick of my Vodafone connection. Will buy a 3G modem (ZTE MF190) , please suggest a good plan 1. need unlimited plan, can manage with fair use policy 2. will be shifting states soon, so a good roaming policy 3. preferably around Rs. 1000 Please help me out
  11. avichandana20000

    [Query] Wd rma policy

    Wants to know regarding WD RMA policy. Pls share if anybody having any experience.
  12. A

    Fair Usage Policy

    which are the Broadband in MUMBAI without Fair Usage Policy ....???
  13. anagh.k1

    Removing write-protection from removable drives

    my computer mounts all removable drives as read-only. the write access is blocked for any usb-devices, mobiles when in mass storage mode, and external hdds. these devices worked fine when checked on other systems. while trying to repair on my own i disabled the "deny write access" option for...
  14. blackedition91

    Pls suggest a full HD monitor under 10k

    Hi. My father's CRT died. So, I'll give my current monitor to him and 'll get a new one. I'm looking at one with an HDMI input. Backlighting does not matter as long as image quality and responsiveness are good. I don't want to get Dell ST 2x20L as they have pretty bad opinions and reviews...
  15. socrates

    National Telecom Policy to be unveiled in January

    Technoholik : National Telecom Policy to be unveiled in January
  16. J

    group policy doubt

    hi, here can somebody help me with group policy,what is the sequence it applies to domain,local,site,ou and what is the sequence we can implement group policy.
  17. cute.bandar

    Ancient PIII system

    1. *Model number and details: PIII 733 Mhz 256mb ram some mobo 1 usb 2.0 card 1 lan card 2 IDE cables no HDD no Cd-Rom no keyboard/mouse no power cable PSU - microtek PSU. front led lights don't work shipping: pick up only. 2. *Date of purchase...
  18. P

    OT(?): SMC order cancellation policy

    I've heard of SMC Intnl before but haven't dealt with them yet. On doing a trial checkout at their site, I came across their note saying that orders can be cancelled within two weeks of placing the order. This has me puzzled. What happens during those two weeks if the order is NOT cancelled...
  19. ico

    Indian Govt Takes The Open Source Route

    The Indian Government has been talking of the open source-based systems for long, but for the first time it is working on a policy on the use of operating systems and device drivers in all new e-governance projects. Source: Indian Govt Takes The Open Source Route my emphasis on this...
  20. Vyom

    ISRO's new policy to help satellites map Delhi in 3D!

    ISRO's new policy to help satellites map Delhi Wow, although I think, the 3D model of the city won't be made public for obvious reasons, I am excited from the very thought of the possibility, that it might bring to develop the city!
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