1. SaiyanGoku

    Application or plugin for typing in hindi

    Hi, My mother is a Hindi teacher and she needs to type the question papers for exams. Please suggest a freeware (if possible) or MS office 2010/2013 plugin which can help her learn Hindi typing. OS: Windows 10 Home x64 Thanks in advance
  2. nac

    What happened to Mozilla?

    The latest build really sucks... For the past few weeks there is no option to pause the file downloading using videodownloadhelper plugin. Now, downloading file is not showing. Have to view them in history. No option to see the progress of download. Out of frustration I cancelled the download by...
  3. M

    How to download/ record embedded videos

    I know how to download Youtube videos and I use youtube downloader plugin which does it well. But for videos embedded on a webpage how do you download or record them? Is there a plugin or software which does that?
  4. Cool Buddy

    Server Load error in Wordpress with Hyper Cache Plugin

    Today morning I installed the Hyper Cache plugin on my Blog. The settings page show this. Can anyone tell me what it means Just for information, WP Super cache and Total cache don't work on my blog for some reason. May be incompatible with the theme or any other plugin.
  5. dashang

    about wordpress plugin

    i have a wordpress blog: | Just another WordPress site I had added a WOO TUMBLOG plugin. It got added in another page named "post" . But i want it on home page now . Please tell me what to do the plugin appears when i log in and navigate to "post" page. i want to transfer my plugin to home...
  6. ajaybc

    Twitter like animated text field and textarea watermarking plugin for jQuery

    I made a simple form field watermarking plugin for jQuery called "Watermarkify". It is different from any other plugin and actually allows you to create animated form field watermarks like you see in Twitter signup page. It supports text fields, password fields and Text areas. HOW TO USE...
  7. sriharsha_madineni

    Tapatalk plugin enabled for tdf!!!! :D

    Since there was no response for enabling tapatalk plugin for tdf, I resorted to using the forum from mobile browser for long, today when I got a pop up saying tapatalk is enabled for this site & I was like what!!!!!!! I immediately checked Tapatalk app & yes indeed, tdf is tapatalk enabled...
  8. the.kaushik

    Adding a dynamic greeting message for your blogs/websites visitor

    Hi All, Hoping that i am posting in the right section. I created this small plugin and wanted to share with ThinkDigit geeks. Plugin Name: Greet Box universal Ver: 4.0 This plugin lets you show a different greeting message to your visitors depending on their referrer url. For example, when a...
  9. A

    Nero encoding problem

    i have nero multimedia suite 10 which includes nero vision xtra, whenever i try to make dvd and burn it , everything goes well but at the last stage while video transcoding the process fail, i thing some transcoding related plugin software is to be install , please help. I am using kaspersky...
  10. mahesh

    eclipse plugin for developing blackberry applications

    Hi All, I want to develope some sample application for blackberry using eclipse. Is there any eclipse plugin is available for this ? I cannot use the Blackberry JDE. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  11. desai_amogh

    how to run rediffbol pidgin plugin to work with windows pidgin..

    I want to use rediffbol on pidgin, but I havent found it on the web. What I did find was a pidgin plugin for rediffbol meant to be used on Linux. The person who has created this plugin has no intentions to create on for windows pidgin.:banghead: The linux pidgin Plugin is here :stirpot...
  12. desai_amogh

    need help to run rediffbol plugin for pidgin to work with windows..

    I want to use rediffbol on pidgin, but I havent found it on the web. What I did find was a pidgin plugin for rediffbol meant to be used on Linux. The person who has created this plugin has no intentions to creat on for wndows pidgin. The linux pidgin Plugin is here I have no knowledge of...
  13. giprabu

    Flash plugin needed for firefox.....Urgent..

    I'm using the pre-released version of firefox, "Namoroka"(64 bit) ... It doesnt play the youtube videos and other flash contents as it requires a 64 bit flash and java plugin.. I couldn't find them..Pls help...
  14. pro

    Winamp plugin Enhancer not working properly in vista :(

    Hi All, i am facing problems with Winamp and a plugin of Winamp -->Enhancer 017 (try it once pleeeese and you will feel the difference) i am a BIIIG fan of Enhancer 017 for Windows. it works fine with XP but when i run it in Vista, it doesn't load with the predefined sound settings after...
  15. ankushkool

    audio player with lyrics support!!!

    i m using winamp, but it does not have any good free lyrics plugin. so can anyone suggest a audio player with lyrics support!!!
  16. the.kaushik

    Greet Box Plugin for Blogger

    First want to thank Thaya Kareeson for his wonderful idea of WP Greet Box for WordPress. If you guys dont know what is WP Greet Box here is the link. * I have tried to port this famous plugin to blogger as so far no body did it...
  17. A

    Good WP Subscriber & Mailing List Plugin ?

    Hello Friends, 1) I am searching for a Wordpress Plugin for Users to Subscribe I already have a blog and in that I have a form for user to make comment on my post In that Form user have to enter name & email ID My aim is that if anyone comments on any post than his entered email Id...
  18. Cool G5

    Some Questions on Wordpress

    The Dedicated wordpress thread has been dead for now, I posted there an month or two ago but got no replies. So I am making this new thread. I have a few queries regarding Wordpress blogging, please solve them. 1) I need a plugin to link my Imageshack images in my wordpress posts. I tried the...
  19. eggman

    GTalk "Show Current Music Track" Trouble: No PLUGIN to enable in WMP 11

    Even after doing this: there's no plugin here to disable/enable here in: in . As a result I can't display the song i'm playing!!!! What to do??
  20. vish786

    [How To]Get Java plugin & Flash work on a 64bit Distro

    Running a 32bit Browser on a 64bit Distro. Pissed off with Flash and Java not working on a 64bit Distro ? here's a pretty simple guide to get sites to load java applets & flash. Before proceeding, there is no javaplugin for a 64bit browser so all am doing is getting a 32bit_firefox along with...
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