1. S

    Oveclocking and Raid tutorials

    need help in any of the above mentioned fields then u have come to right place :smile:
  2. R

    Hardware Basics

    Hi, people. I am a newbie to Hardware stuff and wanna learn primer about that. Words like "AM3 Support", "Socket LG775", "NorthBridge", "SouthBridge" goes above my head.:cry::roll: So, could you please point me out to a place on net where i can know at least some basic of Hardware things? or...
  3. Cool G5

    ThinkDigit Mumbai Meetup

    We(Me and Gautam) are thinking of meeting up this week. The day is still not decided, but rest assured the meet will take place between thursday to saturday. So all Mumbaiikars who are free can join us. Let's discuss the Mumbai Meetup :)
  4. A

    Interested in Animation

    Hi Friends, I am Amrit from Panchkula Haryana (One of the Satellite Towns of Chandigarh) I have just completed my B.Sc. IT And i was thinking of doing some course in the field of 3d Animation n Visual Effects.. Can somebody please guide me about this... Anything n Everything you can tell me...
  5. Faun

    Where can I get Arctic Silver in Pune ?

    I searched in shops but all they have is some unknown pad or paste kinda thing. Where exactly can I get it, I don't want to spend >Rs.50 just in shipping it to me from Mumbai or other place. Any help will be appreciated :D
  6. Rockstar11

    Moon is being shifted from its place..... amazing

    :? :o :shock: v v v v v :p :D ;)
  7. saqib_khan

    Anybody used k7 antivirus?

    Hi, Just want to know how it is? Anybody from here used it? Any experience? It's available for just Rs 150/- for 1 user and 1 year at my place. But I've never heared its name. But seen advertise in magazines. Hows it's detection rate?
  8. a_to_z123

    Where to get Palit HD4870 in Nehru Place?

    Hello guys, Can anyone tell me where to purchase Palit HD4870 in Nehru Place?? I went there in the last week of November '08 and nobody was stocking Palit cards. I tried a lot of shops on 1st floor where Cost 2 Cost is located but nobody was selling them. Only MSI HD4870 were available. So...
  9. ilugd

    Configuration Advice requested for new purchase

    Please advice on a system within Rs. 20000/- It would be nice if apps like photoshop, coreldraw, autocad etc. can run reasonably fast on it. I will be getting the components from Nehru Place. Also, is it good to buy APC UPS 500 VA for the system? or should I get a 650 VA one?
  10. R

    Coming to bangalore

    me and my friends gonna visit bangalore from 11-16th if any of u living in bangalore can help me on how to go about the place it'll be great.
  11. G

    Serial Blasts Rocks Guwahati

    Three blast took blast at Birubari, Bangagarg & Boothnath respectively. Atleast 12 people are said to be injured but the reports are not confirmed yet. Source-Regional News channels. According to the reginal news channel, 2 blast took place at market place and one opposite big bazzar...
  12. L

    PCIe and PCIe2

    Can you place a graphics card with PCI-express 2.0 on a PCI-express slot:)
  13. N

    need help for GPU

    hi, i'm not sure whether this topic is posted in the right section since i had no idea of where to post it. recently i read DIGIT COLLECTORS EDITION. it was really helpful in choosing my pc, but i have one question about the GPU. it was mentioned that ZOTAC 9800GTX + AMP EDITION costs around...
  14. rajhot

    Univercell reliable?

    Guys planning to get N82 from univercell next week. Is it reliable? Place : Bangalore.
  15. T

    NEED urgent help for digital camera in delhi

    Hi all, I soon have to buy a digital camera (going for a trip in 3 days). my budget is Rs 7000 only. I prefer sony, canon, nikon, olympus. Please suggest me good models. Please tell me a place in Delhi from where I can buy it. I know about nehru place but I do not need a chinese duplicate of a...
  16. D

    Suggest a place to buy hardware in Bangalore

    I am building a new system and I recently moved to Karnataka. So, I don't know where to find best deal for this stuff. please suggest me place in Bangalore where I can find all of these components at reasonable rate. BTW, my system config is given below. Intel C2D E8400 Asus P5Q Mobo...
  17. INS-ANI

    DIGIT PUNE MEET Jan 2009

    All digit fellow members from pune, Lets meet up sometime in jan. I propose: Date:After 10th Jan Place: CCD FC Put in your convenient schedule detail, and place you wish to meet up...:cool:
  18. pushkar

    16 gb pen drive

    In this month's Digit, they have reviewed Corsair Voyager 16 GB. The price is Rs. 2,200/-. It is very good value for money. I am thinking of buying it. Can anyone tell me where it is available in Delhi. I know there is Nehru Place, but I wasn't able to find it there. I didn't look in all the...
  19. C

    Place to stay

    I would be staying in Bombay for 10 days, 20th dec to 31st dec. Have joined a coaching class at Dadar. So are there any hostels or any cheap lodge or aany place to stay in Dadar or near Dadar? Should be cheap. Thankyou.
  20. M

    Please Help Me

    in the morning...somebody gave me some file to install in the system...(something called GMAIL PHRACKSTER)...after installing it... everything from my desktop vanished along with quick launch icons. however, the hard disk shows that every data is in its place but when i try to search it, i don't...
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