Anybody used k7 antivirus?

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Just want to know how it is? Anybody from here used it? Any experience?

It's available for just Rs 150/- for 1 user and 1 year at my place.

But I've never heared its name. But seen advertise in magazines.

Hows it's detection rate?


lol..never heard of that antivirus !!


googled around and found that K7 product is available on a 1month trial basis... so you could give it a try...if you find it good enough for you, then you could always buy it..

the price mentioned on the site is $21-odd ... so do cross check the price once..
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never heard about k7?? Do you mean Kaspersky??
Can you give url of this antivirus.

And yes, price on the website is always higher than local price.


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Looking cool website...but i am not sure how the detection rate goes about. Usually from personal experience new antivirus are not as good as those that already exist...


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^ ^ ^ A free antivirus such as Avast is not always the safest and can lull you into a false sense of security, while your computer becomes a breeding ground for malware. First-hand experience, mate. :D


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AntiViruses in general lull users to false sense of security.
Personally I feel Common Sense Should Prevail.

Opera/Firefox + Disable Scripts/No Script Add-On + SuRun + Common Sense == WIN (for Windows)
*nix + Common Sense == WIN


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Why you want to go paid with an AV?
Simply use Avast ! & live tension free. :D

i have quite a bad experience with avast before that's why i call it a day...enough is enough. it wasted at least ample of my time to uninstall and remove it from i have to look for complicated solution to it.

For the noobs like i was it can be a tough task. As for K-7 let's hear and listen to the experience of those who have test drive it...whether it can overtake Norman Antivirus reputation first. If it does then there is a prospect for it.
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