1. A

    Purchasing a good graphics card.

    Oops I think I posted it in the wrong place
  2. H

    where to buy Heat transfer paper in Delhi

    i'm looking for heat transfer paper in New Delhi but couldn't find one to print it on t-shirts. anyone knows of any shop in south delhi? do you think its available in Nehru Place? thanx for any replies.. i hope this isn't the wrong place to ask.
  3. panacea_amc

    plz help me choose a internet connection

    hello people, i need a little help from u regarding selecting a type of internet connectivity. i stay in assam. and currently i work in a rural place where i need access to internet with a relatively good speed . i am running aircel gprs but the website i need to open- never...
  4. P

    Shopping in USA

    Hi all, A friend of mine is going to US (Minneapolis) for about 20 days. He plans to purchase electronics stuffs as its very cheap there. Here are few things which are in list. Dell Studio 14 / Inspiron 14z (Preferred Dell because US warranty can be transferred to India, No plans for...
  5. a_medico

    Please suggest cheap accomodation in New Delhi

    I have to attend a workshop at India Habitat Centre,Lodhi Road, New Delhi. Kindly suggest me a cheap but good lodging options near to that place. Requirement - Clean room Attached toilet/bath Charges as low as possible. I had stayed somewhere near Railway station few years back but now I...
  6. maverick786us

    Dust Filters

    My CPU case looks like a dust magnet. Every month I have to vaccume it. I searched for dust filters in nehru place, but unable to find it. Does someone knows any good shop in Nehru Place or any other part of delhi where I can find THIS kind dust filters? I will fix them on the rear fan of my CM...
  7. desiibond

    Sony Ericsson MH907 headphones: put your ears in control

    The Sony Ericsson MH907 headphones are motion activated, to start listening to music, users just place the two headphones in their ear, if you want to pause the music, you just remove one ear bud, and to start listening to the music again just place it in your ear. here is the video...
  8. K

    Which Internet security software?

    Hi Guys, May I know which PAID Internet Security software was taken to be first place from the latest reviews on ALL Internet Security Softwares?
  9. royal

    1.5 TB availability in Kolkata

    Friends, need to get a 1.5 TB internal HDD (prefer WD over Seagate)...can anyone update me whether it is locally available or not and at what price? :razz: If I dont get it here then I will have to place order in Lynx...
  10. maddy_in65

    Sterro Bluetooth Headset Suggestion

    I have seen reviews of Motorola S9 HD headset and now looks to buy it. I searched here but no shops keep it with them. Can anyone know where should i get it in Pune and whats the price. If anyone knows the place in mumbai, i will arrange to get from there. Please let me know the place. Is it...
  11. vinyasmusic

    Best place for UNIX computer courses...?

    HI guys..... I wanted to do a short term course in UNIX system and network admin.... inquired in ROOMAN TECH and NIIt which is the best place .... NIIT don have it for less than 3 months... wjereas dere is fast track course available in ROOMAN Can any1 of u guide me ???? Im staying in...
  12. amitabhishek

    Inspiring stuff: TTE qualifies for IIM

    One in a while we come across such a story which inspires us to achieve more irrespective of the domain we are in....fantastic. Source
  13. H

    iPod Touch

    Hi, I am going to buy a iPod Touch 8Gb.I have checked the authorized sellers on Apple Website. Can you guys tell me which one is the best/cheapest place to buy in Hyderabad. Also how much should be the total price? thnx
  14. V

    Old DIGIT Magazines - Free of cost

    Dear Digitians, I'm giving all the Old Editions of DIGIT Magazine free of cost. I got some of the best old edition of magazine from Year 2002 - 2008. Anyone interested, kindly email me at I'm from Mumbai, so any mumbaities can collect it from my place. And...
  15. S

    Another i7 Rig Configuration. Need the BLESSINGS :) of our in house experts.

    After a lot of deliberation I have finalized (or rather almost finalized) the configuration. Looking forward to comments from all. Much of my decisions were made by reading the thread of ArnabBoss's 80,000/- Rig and the i7 rig at Q&A. This baby is coming to around 90,000/-. Guys I cant go any...
  16. Vensanga

    W902 sony ericsion

    Hi,can any one tell me where can i find this W902 phone..can u pliz tell me the place and it good,is it worth buying..
  17. Psychosocial

    Bhangarh... worth visiting ?

    Ok so me and my family are going to Rajasthan after a month so we need to plan the places to visit... we are planning to goto all the famous cities like Jaisalmair, etc and then this place came to my mind... is it worth visiting ? It's hyped as India's most haunted place but I know that's...
  18. C

    Good place for computer parts in New Delhi

    Can any Delhiites here tell me, where can I get Video Cards, Processors etc. in New Delhi at best prices? And, is there a market where I can get used products? I've heard a lot about Nehru Place. Are the prices there good there? A few of my friends say that place is 10% expensive than what it...
  19. jxcess3891

    maps for n70

    can you use mapping software with n70? I mean if I need to find a location to a place.
  20. lywyre

    [REQ]Best place for TNPCEE Coaching in Chennai

    Hi there! My cousin has just finished her +2 public exams. Can anybody please recommend a good place for TNPCEE coaching in Chennai. Thank you.
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