where to buy ???? please all delhi people hel p ???


today i went to nehru place ,,,, after alot of serching i got 33000 as least price of lenovo g 580 i5 3rd gen one ,,,, and then i visited lenovo exclusive which is there only there price was 34900 i am not getting the reason of 2000 rupee difference ,,, ??? where to buy guyss ??? thanxxxx if u knw any other place with lower price let me know ???


Exclusive stores will always charge more. They will also try to bundle in a worthless package and show it as a significant extra that you get for buying from them at inflated price.No harm in buying from a smaller store so long you get bill and warranty. try the shop next to RR Systems for good pricing on Lenovo (i forgot its name)- dont think you will get lower than 33k though


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Try Computer Empire for lowest price
No harm in buying from local stores,
Just make sure that system is seal packed
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