1. IronCruz

    iPhone 16gb or more?

    Hello guys. Im planing to buy my first iPhone. As iPhone SE was launched yesterday, im looking forward to the same phone. But im confused whether to go for 16GB version or 64GB? I have no idea of Application size on IOS. Currently im using Zenfone 5 16GB with 4GB of SD Card. I approximately have...
  2. Vyom

    Best Cloud Storage for storing Pictures

    I think this will be the apt section for this thread. So, I have 110 GB of pics now.. from all sources.. that are important.. I just don't want to rely on external hdd now. So was planning to keep a copy of pics on some cloud service. As per this article on verge, Flickr seems to the best...
  3. anarchy0x

    Transferring data(pics mostly) from XIAomi Redmi Notie 4G to PC

    I've been getting this problem while transferring pcs from Xiaomi, the pics simply won't move (trying to do a cut & paste here) & sometimes they do after doing it for a second or third time or even more attempts. Even while using copy paste I'm not able to get all the pics. This has made my...
  4. Vyom

    I got my first Raspberry Pi 2 :D

    Hi friends, I got my first and new Raspberry Pi 2 board yesterday. I bought it recently from a lightning deal from And I am very excited. Here are some pics: More Pics in this Imgur Album: My Raspberry Pi 2 ! - Album on Imgur (around 10 MB) The specs of Raspberry Pi 2 is: SoC...
  5. A

    laptop skins

    where to looking for aircraft pics.
  6. bssunilreddy

    Cooler Master N200 Side Panel Window Modding

    Hi, I have a pic to show. Please suggest me which MOD is better... As for me the above MOD seems real awesome... Thanks & Regards, BSSunil What are the tools to use while modding such a cabby? Please suggest any build logs or links to follow...
  7. M

    If anynone owns HP Pavilion 15-p077TX,Please post some pics

    I was looking to get HP Pavilion 15-p077TX,if any one owns it please post some pics and a brief review.
  8. A

    Need a good VIEWER for ipad (ios 7)?

    Is there a viewer for images on ipad. I keep my i pad with me, take the shot and review it then and there on my it. Problem is that its only 16gb.. and every time one needs to import the pics to see them. So if there was a better quicker way to view the pics without importing, that would be...
  9. K

    Old Lens Problem

    hi guys , need an opinion on my old Tamron 28-200mm AF (a-mount) lens i hadnt tried photos with my new 1200D with this lens so far and when i tried it today,all the photos were coming a bit greyish towards the rims and i tried cleaning it etc but it still has the same effect does my lens have...
  10. L

    [For Sale] hey i wanna sell my laptop

    1. *Model number and details: sony vaio vpceb16fg 2. *Date of purchase: 20 may 2010 3. Reason for sale: upgrading 4. Warranty details: not under any warranty 5. *Expected Price: 12k 6. *Location of Seller: guntur will be shipping all over india the config of the laptop is posted in the pics...
  11. R

    [For Sale] 7870 with warranty on sale

    Hi all, I got a Sapphire HD7870, perfectly working, with warranty, on sale. Planning to get myself a 290 soon. Please find the details below - 1. *Model number and details: Sapphire HD7870 1GHz edition 2. *Date of purchase: November 2012 (will update after looking at the bill tonight) 3...
  12. P

    Show off your game graphics

    I thought there should be some thread for all to share their video games graphics which they feel are really worth a look. If you have any modded game with tweaks profiles etc then mention that and if possible write about them and share a download link and yet remember to post a pic of...
  13. sujoyp

    Photobook creative idea

    Guys I am planning to print a photobook of my 80 pics...and I have no idea how to go I went to a good photography shop and he said 130rs per page which is 14x12 and folded into half ...I can fit 4 pics of 5x7 in that sheet thats 2+2 both side ...or can print one big like 6x10 etc They will...
  14. nseries73

    [For Sale] Htc one m7 black

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: HTC ONE M7 SINGLE SIM HTC ONE DOUBLE DIP CASE (pics attached) HTC ONE SILICON BACK COVER (pics attached) SCREEN GUARD [2 nos.] (pics attached) Expected Price: Rs 23,000/- Source and Time of Purchase...
  15. A

    Strange Search

    Hi guys. I am looking for a basic mobile for my wife which should ---- 1. be a keypad phone not touch. 2. Open the pics of size 3-4MB [our baby's] :razz: @4k budget any brand.....
  16. sc3n3l0v3r

    Its Apple again and its iPhone 5S 16GB (Silver)

    Well friends, I just got myself a new iPhone 5S 16GB (Silver) :-D just upgraded from iPhone 5. Its been a week I am using the phone and can say its awesome. Its feels same like iPhone 5 but the performance is way better, & the touch ID is the best part. Well I am in a hurry as of now, by...
  17. @

    The all new...iPad Air

    Bought it from US almost twenty days back. I wrote a review and here is the link (ad-free blog :P ) : If mods don't allow it, then will remove the link. and the all the pics (for those just want to see pics) :
  18. 7shivam9

    Share your Photoshop Work !

    Making this thread in Show off section is Doesn't mean i'm a expert. :lol: I'm not a professional , but I love experimenting in Photoshop .. playing with Text's , editing pics , adding colors to them etc. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Lets everybody Share...
  19. Charley

    Storage space running out - Xperia L

    In device memory of 1.5 gb apps are 560 Mb. Videos & pics are on sdcard. Where did 1 gb go? It shows 115 Mb free.
  20. mikael_schiffer

    Scary picture..can anyone give a good scary one

    I am in dire need of scary pics. When i googled all i got was people in costumes and some funny-trying-to-be-scary pics.. Most of them are lame.. Need a pic that will scare the bejeezuz outta a girl.. Something which when she sees ensures she cant sleep at night, or stay alone in a house...
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