[For Sale] 7870 with warranty on sale


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Hi all,

I got a Sapphire HD7870, perfectly working, with warranty, on sale. Planning to get myself a 290 soon. Please find the details below -

1. *Model number and details: Sapphire HD7870 1GHz edition
2. *Date of purchase: November 2012 (will update after looking at the bill tonight)
3. *Reason for sale: Buying a 290 soon
4. *Warranty details: 2 years total (close to 1 year left)
5. *Expected Price: Rs 12000
6. *Location of Seller: Bangalore

View attachment 14322
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View attachment 14324

Pics with the working system and GPUZ details will be available soon in the evening today. Original box and bill pics will be attached as well.

- - - Updated - - -

Oops I just realized that i dint have the id and date written page for the backgroud in my pics. Will re upload in the evening after reaching home from office.

@Mods - Please give me time today before u delete the thread for this reason.


I don't find the image with your username and date yet.
Also new ones are approx 17.5k if available. I think you need to reduce the price.
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