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Unable to install Ubuntu 13.04 in dual boot with Windows 7 !!!


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Hello Digitians,
I have HP Pavilion G6-2313ax laptop. I have installed Windows 7 ultimate x64 on it. I have created 4 partitions, 3 primary and 1 logical and in that logical partition, i have created 4 partitions. Here is the screenshot of Disk Management Win7DiskMgmt.jpg
I tried to install Ubuntu 13.04 x64 from a Live USB(used Universal USB installer) , but the problem is that while installation, there is no option of 'Install Ubuntu alongside Windows7', and also the partitions of the windows are not detected. Here's the pic LinuxInst.jpg
So i tried Ubuntu from Live USB. After logging in i entered this command : sudo fdisk -lu, here the partitions are shown. Pic: Linux.jpg
I also used Parted magic to check the disk, but here too no partitions are detected, there is a pop up message. Pics: PartedM1.jpg,PartedM2.jpg
So what could be the problem :-( :|, please suggest a solution.


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i have seen this before & to even understand this problem you have to read a kind of mini essay.the reason for your issue is that you used an utility unaware of how to handle GPT to convert GPT to MBR:
I converted my HDD to MBR using command prompt from boot method

solution by srs5694
download the latest version of partedmagic from here:http://partedmagic.com/
Open a shell and type "sudo sgdisk --zap /dev/sda". It'll complain about partition problems, but it will still work. Be sure to use the --zap option, not --zap-all; also, note that the command name is sgdisk, not gdisk.Proceed with your Ubuntu installation.
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