1. mukherjee

    Pause live TV in Dishtv tru HD+

    I recently acquired a new Dishtv truHD+ connection at my place. Since it has the USB recording function claiming to have "live pause TV" function, I did not find any detailed procedure for pausing tv in the supplied manual. The remote has all the buttons for recording (play, pause...
  2. ithehappy

    Any uploading hosts / cloud supports Pause feature?

    As the title asks, are there any uploading hosts or cloud service which supports a 'pause' feature? Is that even possible with uploading? I have tried a few, GDrive, Dropbox, Box etc (I personally use Firedrive), but none of them have it. With an ultra slow upload speed, a pause feature would be...
  3. Amithansda

    Intel dp67Bg problem No Boot

    Hi, My config is i5 2400, dp67bg mobo, xms3 1600hz 4GB ram and hd 6870 gfx card. From, yesterday I am having a problem booting it. It doesn't show any display. Motherboard beeps twice and then pause. The again beeps again and then an indefinite pause, and i have to power off the system. F I...
  4. K

    Intel i5 2500 Query

    Hi, I bought new Intel i5 2500 processor, mobo Dh67cl When I push the power button the processor fans spins at the same moment but 2-3 seconds later it stops, and then starts to spin again taking a pause of a second. Is there something unusual? does anyone have this processor? Is it...
  5. r4gs

    Bandwidth management

    Hi, Need some help. I've got utorrent running automatically whenever my PC runs. The problem is that whenever my mom or dad browse, they forget to pause it, or if they pause it, they forget to resume the torrents. Is there any software which will automatically restrict bandwidth to...
  6. comp@ddict

    How to RIP and COMPRESS a game

    1. You reading this, you agree not to misuse this information. 2. This is for educational purposes ONLY. 3. That's it, now lets start...
  7. Krazy Bluez

    Siemens Mobile Secret Codes

    C25: SP unlock *#0003*(secret code 8 digits)# *#0606# shows you Secret Code, but only without SIM Card. *#06# for checking the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) Resets language to automatic selection : * # 0000 # then Green button Pin Out (electrical connections) 1- GND 2- SB...
  8. evewin89

    window logo key + pause break?

    window logo key + pause break doesn't open "SYSTEM PROPERTIES" in my dell 1525 laptop?:rolleyes:
  9. Shloeb

    Slight pauses in Frame rate in Fear

    As u know from the topic that what problem i am having so please tell me how do i solve this problem? All the settings are maxed out and physics are also maxed out, Soft shadows ON, 4x AA, 16XAF. I ran the benchmark it says Min: 56 Average: 151 Maximum: 381 So i don't think i should have problem...
  10. S

    Random beeps comin from motherboard

    i neeed help folks..1st of all my comp makes this 9 beeps wen i "bip bip bip pause bip bip bip pause bip bip bip" lol..i had to say this way..and also in between wen i browse or keeps makin 1 single beep idea wats happenin...i cheked all temperatures.and alls...
  11. D

    old pc blues!!

    hi evrybody decided to fire up an old pc lying around to use as a music server, it wouldnt boot, no display, no beeps..after much head scratching replaced the bios/motherboard battery..voila!! beeps!! still no display but..the beep pattern i get is beep,beep,pause,beep..its AMIBIOS n my...
  12. confused

    Are there any resources/sites on the net which teach how to drive a car???

    Well i am learning to drive since the past couple of days. The driving school i enrolled in offers 800, esteem and santro. i chose 800, and the car is a wreck. Thinking of changing the car. Also i am having this difficultly - everytime the car goes over a few hard bumps, even though i try to...
  13. Sparsh007

    Hard disk making noises

    Hey guys please help me with this one, my hard disk is making noises (click click pause click click pause.......) it used to work beforehand on my pc(on it also made some noise but very rarely) which presently I dont have access to and has inbuilt sata ports,the computer on which i presently am...
  14. V

    Pause Menu

    Hi Friends, The thing which i am going to ask I think is impossible, still i am asking. For those who are using IE whenver whenver they download any file from the internet there a dialog box open like this:- Is there any way of making a pause menu in this dialog so that i can pause...
  15. Pratyush

    IOL Broadband launches IPTV in metros!

    On the momentous occassion of India's 60th independence day, IOL Broadband has announced the launch of IPTV. Check today's TIMES OF INDIA FOR DETAILS. Features: - Television, WiFi broadband internet and telephone, at the same time. - Over 170 channels including Star, Sony, Zee turner and...
  16. S

    buzz in winamp

    i have a problem with winamp. while resuming playback from pause i get a buzzing sound. i pause the song & play it again it works fine. but why do i get a buzzing sound while resuming playback from a pause in the first attempt. is there any solution to fix this problem.i did everything possible...
  17. rakeshishere

    TOTAL COPY-Copy Stuff In A diff Way!

    Total Copy is a handy shell extension, that allows you to pause and resume file copies under Windows. It integrates into the right click menu and becomes available whenever you drag files or folders to copy them. You can also limit the copy speed, if needed. Total Copy also speeds up the...
  18. K

    How to "pause" a video on SE W810i

    hi, :D How can i "pause" a "clip" during the mid of the "play" , when ever i try to "pause" the "clip" it automatically gets rewinded to the begining, vat i need is, it shud be in "still" position , eg: i shud be able 2 "pause" at 17th sec of a 30 sec "clip", Here the "clip" shud in "still"...
  19. B

    downloading game

    hey amers i just wnted to knw hw u download the demo gams frm net coz i cant on my pc so long time. can u suggest me sny sofware which can help me, so i can pause n resume the download. please help me its vry imp. i wat 2 download nfs mw n many more demo game before buying it. thank u...
  20. anandk

    Folder Empty ! Still 51.5 KB ?

    one of my self-created folders, E/Downloads, is empty. there are also no 'hidden files' in it. still when i pause my cursor on it, it shows, 51.5 K ! What... ?! How....?!
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