Intel i5 2500 Query


Right off the assembly line

I bought new Intel i5 2500 processor, mobo Dh67cl

When I push the power button the processor fans spins at the same moment but 2-3 seconds later it stops, and then starts to spin again taking a pause of a second. Is there something unusual? does anyone have this processor? Is it behaving the same way in your machine?


It seems its a memory issue. Try resetting ram in different slots or put one module etc and then let us know

PS : Is your system booting up after pause?


Right off the assembly line
Yeah my system is booting and running. Runnning win 7.

It's just that time i push power button, the fan spins for a very short short time, then takes a pause for a second, and starts spining again without stopping.


Broken In
it is normal. it is due to automatic fan speed control. when the temperature becomes high the fan spins.initially the processor will be at room temperature.
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