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virus efected HDD please help....

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One of my friends system got effected from a unknown virus which makes a copy of itself using the name of container folder in every sub folder I installed avast 4.8 professional in system and it removed the virus from the system now a problem occurred from my computer I can't open any partition of the drive including C: drive using conventional double click but I can explore them using right click and selecting explore. One of partition was small and copied its content to the other partition and format the previous partition copied back the content problem solved but other partitions and their contents are to big to use that approach as well as I don't think it is the correct solution.

So suggest me the best solution.


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find all files called autorun.inf, it'll be a hidden file in the root of each partition. delete it on all drives.


attrib -r -s -h c:\autorun.inf
del c:\autorun.inf
attrib -r -s -h d:\autorun.inf
del d:\autorun.inf
attrib -r -s -h e:\autorun.inf
del e:\autorun.inf

Modify the code according to ur need. and save it to a file with extension .bat
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