1. rohitshakti2

    Modifying a charger

    Hi friends I have a Pantech burst charger lying with me. Can I use it in India? It says, 100-240V, 50-60hz, output 5.0v----1A. But it has 2 pins with a hole in as in USA. Link attached. Can it be modified to be able to use in India? Pantech Micro-USB Charger - Wall - PTA-5010MU1US |...
  2. GhorMaanas

    [For Sale] Coolermasterlaptop cooling pad, and misc. items.

    Coolermaster (thermalmaster) laptop cooling pad - 350/- - purchased in Sept. 2011. no warranty anymore. invoice N.A. - there is some rust visible around the fan-mount under the grill. would give preference to local deal.
  3. rohitshakti2

    Maps & CM10 updates for Pantech Burst

    Hi friends I am looking for an application for my Pantech Burst for offline maps. Nokia had released its maps application. Can anyone tell how is it as compared to Google maps and from where can I download it and also the offline Delhi maps. Is there any other application which is equally...
  4. lywyre

    [Help wanted] Unlock Pantech Burst AT&T

    I got a Pantech Burst from iBhejo, but it is locked to AT&T. I guess some here should have faced the same issue and I want to know how to unlock it. Thank you.
  5. GhorMaanas

    [Want to Buy] Hard case for Pantech Burst

    Hello! need a non-fanciful hard case for Pantech Burst. interested members pls contact. thanks!
  6. funkysourav

    Budget 5-10K Super VFM phones like Pantech Burst (Imported from US) on Ebay/Amazon etc

    Hi guys i was thinking, are there any other Superbly Value for Money phones other than Pantech Burst which could be imported from US (Unlocked) ? Budget is not more than 10k. p.s. I've heard that Pantech Flex is available for 180-200$
  7. F

    Pantech Burst

    Hey guys! Im going to the US, and I am gonna be buying a Pantech Burst there.. Im kinda an ultranoob in Mobiles.. more of a PC savvy guy.. so please dont mind. :P I was wondering if I buy it in the US what all I have to do to use it in India, will I face any problems or anything? And...
  8. Nerevarine

    Pantech burst repair

    My cousin's birthday is coming up and I and my bro have decided to give him Pantech Burst as a gift.. Since it is an imported phone, what happens when it malfunctions..? there are no service centers in india and will local shops repair the phone ? Anyone have any experience regarding this ?
  9. R

    From where to buy Pantech Burst in USA

    I am looking to buy Pantech Burst in USA. Last week it was quoting @ $104 on ebay but today that entry is not found & the rate currently quoting is $129. Pls tell any other site from where I can get it online in USA & if anyone can help me in getting any discount coupons for the same as I am...
  10. furious_gamer

    Official AT&T Pantech Burst Thread

    Hi all, i just thought it would be better if we have thread for this VFM phone. I recently bought new one for 8.4k and it is running like a beast. Please post all your queries and known issues here. I will update the issues etc in main post, so it will be easier for all current/future owners of...
  11. pratyush997

    [Advice] Mobile under 8.5k

    Formalities ^^ Decided to go for Pantech Burst P9070 because of the following: - Pros S-Amoled 4" Display Dual-core 1.5 GHz Scorpion Adreno 220 CM 10 is being Build 1 GB Memory 16 GB Internal Storage LTE Supported :D (Will never use it so it doesn't matter) Cons 256k colors display Bad...
  12. iittopper

    pantech burst p9070 - need reviews from indian

    I can get pantech burst for around 8.5k ( price has risen from 7.6k to 8.5k) . Any indian user using it can give reviews and thei personnal experience .. will be helpful to me .
  13. Gaurav

    Anyone heard of Pantech mobile phones?

    Hi all, I came across this deal on desidime (here). The phone has amazing Specifications. Only downside is the 256K color screen.. Seeing the unboxing and review on youtube (by fonearena, aaron), the phone seems quite good for this price tag (appx 7900/- ).. What are your opinions on...
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