1. R

    4.1ch home theater system doubt

    i want to know 4.1ch home theater will get output to 4 speaker via aux cable. or just 2 speakers will get output via aux?
  2. F

    Connect two 3.5mm devices to single speaker with 3.5mm input

    Hi all, I want to connect my DTH box audio output (aux 3.5mm output) and my PC audio output (line out 3.5mm) to Samsung 2.1 speakers which have 3.5mm stereo in port. Please tell me if there is any type of selector box available which can be used for switching between DTH and PC output...
  3. patkim

    Using Extension box at UPS output

    As per what APC recommends, you should not connect extension box/surge protector to the output of APC home UPS. Is there any real harm in doing that? Has anyone used it in that way? I am likely to purchase a 600VA UPS for my desktop. I will be connecting desktop, monitor & router to it. I can...
  4. quicky008

    Selecting a decent 2.1 speaker with rich bass output within 4.5k

    I'm interested in buying a decent 2.1 speaker system for my pc primarily for listening to music-currently i have a set of creative speakers which are not capable of producing deep,punchy bass-therefore i'd like to replace them with another system which has reasonably powerful bass output that...
  5. A

    Power Bank 20k mAh for android devices in family below

    Please suggest 20k mAh power bank for any android device.. for family, devices, Nexus 5, Moto e, Lenovo vibe p1m, one plus x, Huwawei honor holly, and samsung galaxy s duos.. i found many power banks... but 20k power banks prices are high, and did not found any branded 20k power. please need...
  6. G

    Lost mi piston2 want new1 under 1.5k

    M looking for new iem....lost my mi piston2... Was so happy with the performance of mi piston2 bass sound everything is damm awsm...now i want 1 step ahead of mi piston2....heard lot more about piston v3 also sony xb30, soundmagic es18s, cowon em1, sennheiser cx series, tekfusion twinforce...
  7. rakesh_sharma23

    GIGABYTE Z170X-Gaming G1 Motherboard Review PART-2

    Component Layout Let’s now see what all components GIGABYTE have planned for this board. 1. 3. 22 phase CPU Power VRM Section design equipped with two International Rectifiers IR35201 PMWs and few IR3599 phase doubler ICs to control two output IR3553 MOSFET with up to 60A of output current...
  8. G

    Using ADSL Modem + Router on Fiber Optic Connection

    I had been using BSNL Broadband with a Belkin N150 Wireless Modem + Router. But shifted to a Fiber To Home Service. It has a GPON ONT which provides a RJ45 output. I would like to know, if this can be used along with the Belkin Modem-Router with it functioning as a Router only. It doesn't have a...
  9. K

    Scanner output problem

    HI PLEASE SEE THE LINKS BELOW TO KNOW MY PROBLEM AND GIVE YOUR HELP Correct AND wrong the first link- correct.pdf is scanned using hp scanner (this is the desired output). the second link- wrong.pdf using my new samsung scanner. Guys, believe me i tried every...
  10. K

    Scanner problem- please help

    I want to scan my old book and save it in pdf format. But i am getting an output file like as if i have taken a photo with my camera i.e, when i open the output file in pdf reader, the document is in the center with all the white screen around it. Usually the entire screen should be filled with...
  11. K

    Help me with this please- this has become a real challenge to me now

    i want to scan my old book and save it in pdf format. But i am getting an output file like as if i have taken a photo with my camera i.e, when i open the output file in pdf reader, the document is in the center with all the white screen around it. Usually the entire screen should be filled with...
  12. shreeux

    Best for Monitor for PC?

    I am currently using 17" CRT monitor...I need to replace monitor because of reduce eye strain and fatigue., My profession is trading...So always sit on system only. My usage is mostly Trading terminal, Charting software,browsing,reading e-books,HD Movies and Games., My Graphics card is XFX...
  13. M

    Suggetions for Wireless Audio+Video System - TV+Home Theater

    Interior work is running on in my new House. Now, stage come to buy an electronic product line. For drawing room-20'x 18', I need suggestion on combo of latest technology FHD-48"-60" TV + 5.1 Home Theatre system. Sony top of mind for both - TV and HTS, any day. I wish to grab wireless...
  14. rakesh_sharma23

    APC Back-UPS Pro 1000VA (BR1000G-IN) Review

    APC Back UPS 1000 (BR1000G-IN) from APC is the best UPS in it’s class available in India that I had the pleasure of reviewing. Attractive, full black color neat look with a LCD display on the front which displays input voltage, output watts being consumed, percentage of watts consumed, minutes...
  15. .jRay.

    Urgent!! I need in ear earphones.

    I need a pair of in ear earphones for around 1.5 to 2k. Mostly for workouts. They should not move/fall off while running ,so we're looking for clip ons. Also sweat resistance is a requirement. Should have decent output and powerful bass. Suggest asap!! I'm on my way to a shop.
  16. J

    how to connect set top box to pc without tv tuner card

    Hi, I am from Kolkata and I have a HD set top box provided by GTPL. The STB has HDMI and A/V output (red-white-yellow ports). My TV is connected with the HDMI cable. Now I want to use STB's A/V output to watch TV on my PC as well. I do not have a tv tuner card and I do not with to install one...
  17. O

    Strange problem with graphic card

    Bought a new Asus Geforce 630 from flipkart. The one they gave me was not giving out any output to the monitor, so I replaced it and got the second one today. However, even this one doesn't give any. The only way I can switch on my PC with my graphics card installed is by setting my primary...
  18. R

    5.1 Channel output from STB(Tata Sky)

    Hi All, I understand that the STB(HD version of Tata Sky) produces 5.1 channel output through either HDMI or SPDIF options. I desire to connect a 5.1 HT system to enjoy the digital audio of the various TV channels. Please guide me with a a good HT system availale within 15k range ( with a SPDIF...
  19. pritish_kul2

    Computer-> TV Output Wired/Wirelessly

    Hello guys, I have a HP T730i lying waste with a damaged HP mx704 monitor. So was thinking is it possible to output the screen to my Samsung 32" LCD TV? What are the various options available? Wired can be done using which lead? And is wireless output possible?? Help would be...
  20. bubusam13

    Sapphire HD 5670 no output

    Hi, from last two days when I start my computer, after a few minutes my screen would become completely red or yellow or blue with black strips. I was having no issue before that. Today I am getting no output from my video card. The cooler is running. I checked using my motherboard onboard...
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