1. A

    Accessing My WD 1TB HDD on my ipad 2018 (128gb)

    Hi, is there any way in i can access my hard disk on my ipad? i dont want to do it via a router . I travel alot and i cant have my router in my bag ( obviously). Is there a portable router for this.? Or is there any other wiy i can do this. And please dont suggest to connect it to a laptop and...
  2. V

    OTG pen drive for android

    Need a OTG pen drive. Mob: Lenovo ZUK Z1 Capacity: 32 or preferably 64 GB Do i need to buy a cable with the drive? Am confused with the specs of OTG drives online. Moreover, my phone does not have any manual listing port types etc. 64 GB drive on Amazon for 1189Rs : SanDisk Ultra Dual USB...
  3. B

    Need advice for a buget level phone

    Hello Friends, I have zeroed down two handsets for a budget of 14k. Since there is no discount for Moto G4 Plus, I don't think that I will be going for it. Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016) vs. Motorola Moto G4 vs. Motorola Moto G4 Plus - GSMArena.com Sammy Pros- Super Amoled Great UI Customizable...
  4. I

    OTG Cable

    Hi, I think this is the correct section to ask.if not mod please move this . Can someone tell me a device that supports multi OTG like i can connect Mouse,keyboard same time with phone? Please help. I found some similar device on amazon but different reviews make them not reliable...
  5. panacea_amc

    Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 OTG support?

    Hello all, Does the Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 support OTG like USB pen drives? I am asking coz somewhere I read it supports only FAT32 file system and not the NTFS file systems. Thanks in advance
  6. jaimin100

    16gb sandisk pd stoped detecting

    hello mates,while i was formating(full) there is some intuption in that,and mg popup that unable to format pd,after that it is not detectected in my pc or in my phone via otg cable shall i throw it away? or any sollution? right now in oman so i dont think so i have choice to go to service...
  7. A

    [root] StickMount app questions about OTG [Nexus 5]

    I am using nexus 5 32GB, wanted to root device for using OTG. Can I download directly on USB OTG devices, after using this app? Actually I don't have much space and have free wifi in school, so downloading directly on OTG is possible? Means setting download location to OTG usb storage and then...
  8. Jim Kirk

    need to purchase a mobile - please suggest good one

    Hi I am planning to buy a new mobile within the price range of 18-20k My requirements are : First and foremost = OTG Support must be there atleast 5" screen ( will be good if it comes with gorilla glass) good sound output call quality I am having my eye on Xperia C, Galaxy grand 2...
  9. B

    Phone under 9k (+/-1k) for games and good camera with OTG support

    1. Budget: ~9k. can increase to 10k only if its really worth it. or 8k if i can get one in that price range. 2. Display type and size: 4" preferred for portability. HD display if bigger than 4" I already have a tab so big screen isn't necessary. 3. Form Factor: any 4. Preferred choice of...
  10. N

    Sony Xperia ZR or Samsung Galaxy S4

    Hi All It really feels good to be back here I am sure I will get the right guidance here. I was thinking of buying a mobile phone I am confused between Xperia ZR and Samsung Galaxy S4 Here are my concerns. The dilemma with ZR 1) Dilemma 1 : only approx 4.5 GB internal memory...
  11. mikael_schiffer

    How to get USB-OTG to work in Moto G ??

    Not this one but this one I looked around the internet and it seems you need to use a paid software to get OTG functionality. i just got my OTG cable from Flipkart and its not being detected at all. Some Indian users on Youtube are using the same cable on MotoG without any paid...
  12. A

    Two Questions about new purchasing.

    1 Is 8 GB Internal Memory is enough to install games(Big Titles Like Fifa, Modern Combat 4 Nova 3) (I am going to buy Sony Xperia Sp soon) 2 Can i use any USB Controller with my phone with OTG.
  13. C

    Nexus 5 OTG?

    hey, so what am i missing here? I picked up a simple OTG cable for my nexus 5 in with the hopes i could connect my ps3 contoller. Nexus 5 no supporty otg? wtf is that all about. Should i just skip it and drop some hard earned coin on a moga controller?
  14. gmg9

    need universal mobile otg cable s3

    hi guys, need ur advice on buying a good usb otg cable for my Samsung galaxy s3 phone. i hav heard there is otg cable for s3 from samsung. can u guys tell from where i can buy online. if possible, plz let me know the link. is this original otg cable from Samsung works with all mobiles like...
  15. F

    OTG Questions

    Hey all, I just ordered a Moto G 8GB module.. I couldn't wait for the 16 GB because i've been waiting till December and 20 days more is too much.. I wanted to ask a couple of questions as I need to use as less space as possible on the 8GB. Q.1) Can you install apps/run apps from a...
  16. I

    **Connectivity between mobiles,tabs & USB devices **

    I need to know the best price of a cable which can connect mobile phones & tablets with pen drives & data cards. I would prefer cables that don't required OTG suppport on mobile devices,if at all they are available.
  17. S

    Internet through USB dongle on Galaxy Tab 2

    I recently bought a Samsung GT P3113 from US.The model supports Wi-Fi.But i want to access internet on the go through dongles.My question is that whether this model supports 3g dongles or not?Is it possible to connect the dongles via otg cables.I have read some articles for it some says you can...
  18. A

    Gamepad for FIFA / NFS

    Need a game pad (PS3/XBox like controller) for something less than 1000. Are there decent ones available? I would also like to use an OTG cable and pair this with my phone (Galaxy S2) to play games like GTA / FIFA. Thanks, Akash
  19. M

    Nexus 7 - Don't be evil!?

    Hi, I have a nexus 7, and a few weeks back i misplaced the cable. I replaced this cable (which, on the face of it, looked like a normal micro-usb) with another microusb cable (meant for some phone or the other) this cable worked with various phones that have micro usb ports, but refused to...
  20. R

    Looking 4 Online shops :Micro-B USB OTG Cable

    Sir , I am looking for Online shop which sells Micro-B USB OTG Cable with Cash on Delivery option I tried following website, flipkart ,smc ,itwares , kindly help finding shop with offers COD THank you
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