Accessing My WD 1TB HDD on my ipad 2018 (128gb)


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Hi, is there any way in i can access my hard disk on my ipad? i dont want to do it via a router . I travel alot and i cant have my router in my bag ( obviously). Is there a portable router for this.? Or is there any other wiy i can do this. And please dont suggest to connect it to a laptop and transfer- i dont wanna buy a laptop right now.

I thought of one thing. I can connect my HDD to my android type C device ( note 7 pro ) and format my HDD to FAT32 format for my phone to read it. Then i connect my ipad to my phone via hotspot and from my ipad open a wifi connection from aNy file manager app ( lets say.. Documents by Readdle) after that will i be able to copy my content from HDD to ipad?


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First of all,a portable hdd needs much more power than a usb pen drive so unless you want to damage your phone/hdd in long run I suggest not to attempt this. As for carrying a router you can try this *
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