[For Sale] Battlefield 3 Premium + Origin account


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Hello there. I have decided to sell off my origin account as I barely get time to game nowadays. If anyone would be interested, kindly send me a PM

Games Included in the account:
1. Battlefield 3 Limited Edition + Premium
2. Battlefield 4 Beta Access
3. Battlefield Bad Company 2 Digital Deluxe edition (Vietnam map included)
4. Mass Effect 3
5. Medal of Honour Warfighter

You will get the origin id and the password as well as all the serial keys (in email + photos) of the respective games.

My Origin id : P|-|4Nt0M

Expected Price : Rs. 3000

Here are the screenshots of my account, the games included and Battlefield 3 details

Attached screenshots :



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Won't origin ban the account?

No. Because once the origin id and password is given, the buyer can change the origin registered email id, Name, origin In game name, password everything and I am the legitimate owner of this account. I dont get chance to play nowadays so am selling it off. There is no problem with transferring the origin account to someone else. Plus all game serials will be emailed both in writing and with photo
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