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  1. aniket.cain

    [For Sale] Samsung Omnia W

    1. *Model number and details: Samsung Omnia W - Samsung Omnia W I8350 - Full phone specifications 2. *Date of purchase: 13 Feb 2012 3. Reason for sale: Getting a new phone 4. Warranty details: 4 months remaining 5. *Expected Price: SOLD 6. *Location of Seller: Hyderabad 7...
  2. S

    Samsung Omnia W-Under warranty

    For Sale ! Samsung Omnia W Samsung Omnia W I8350 - Full phone specifications Expected Price: SOLD LOCALLY Time of Purchase: Dec,2011 Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Yes | 6 Months Reason for Sale: Want to try Android. Purchase Invoice Available: Yes...
  3. A

    windows phone or android

    hi, i am planning to buy a phone within the range of 10-16k. i have selected two categories of windows or android. i am more intrested in windows as android has become so much popular that many people is having android phone. for windows i have rounded nokia lumnia 710 and samsung omnia w...
  4. ayushman9

    Suggest phone with videocall facility under 16.5k

    I m terribly confused as none of the good phones in this range are giving native video call facility. samsung ace, ace plus are good but do not have front cam. i don't want to go for bada so sam wave is out of quesn. Most nokia phone in ths range offr symbian which i don't prefer phones that...
  5. jerrin_ss5

    Confusion between omnia w and htc one v

    what's your opinion between omnia w and one v which would be better? my priorities for the phone it should have good battery life,good display and should be sturdy !!
  6. Empirial

    Wave 3 Vs Omnia W

    Hi, My friend is a Nokia C6-01 user looking for an upgrade within a budget of 16k. He is not crazy for Apps/Games but GTalk, Y Messenger & Youtube Downloader is a must for him. I did suggest him to look at Nokia Belle phones but he isn't keen on buying another Nokia neither he is interested...
  7. S

    Nokia Lumia 800 or Samsung Omnia W

    Guys, any suggestion whether I should go for Nokia Lumia 800 or Samsung Omnia W? I know that Nokia will have added features like Nokia Maps and Nokia Music but it is not my concern. I have a hands on survey of Nokia Lumia 700 and Samsung Omnia W, definitely the Omnia W's Super AMOLED screen...
  8. pratyush997

    Which is better??Nokia 701 or Samsung Omnia W??

    Hi folks, I am soon going to buy a Smartphone and want to get the best one under 16k-18k. I've narrowed to Nokia 701 and Samsung Omnia W! The mobile phone should be Future proof for somewhat 2 years!
  9. pratyush997

    Samsung Omnia W or Nokia Lumia 710

    Hi Friends, I'm going to get a WP7 Device soon and want to know that which device is better between Samsung Omnia W and Nokia Lumia 710. I've read many reviews from different Websites and concluded that Samsung Omnia W is better than Lumia 710 in the following aspects:- 1-Better battery...
  10. S

    Samsung Omnia or Defy Plus??

    Please help me to choose between Samsung Omnia WI8350 & the Defy Plus...With the Omnia, is apps available easliy & freely like Android ?? 2nd, how's the GPS map in Omnia; I have to travel a lot so maps for me is pretty important...:confused::confused::-?
  11. A

    Omnia W vs Motorola Defy [comparison video]

    i just upload video of Omnia W vs Motorola Defy comparison hope it help somebody on this forum LAJDQBeQ-vE _8BzgklLA0s
  12. T

    Samsung Omnia 7 Win Phone Problem

    Hi, I am posting behalf of my friend. He bought Samsung Omnia 7 from US before 10months. For the last 1month, its having over heating issues while charging. When charged 100% it beeps and after 10mins, it starts to beep every ~10 secs and it gets hotter. During this the phone freezes, once...
  13. hari1

    Problem transferring contacts to Omnia W

    I recently bought Samsung Omnia W. I am facung a very very big problem. Earlier I was using the nexus s and I synced all my contacts to gmail with it before buying the omnia w. Then I entered my gmail acount in omnia w. I saw from internet that wp7 can sync contacts from gmail. When the sync...
  14. V

    Samsung Omnia W I8350 now at Rs. 15,200

    Samsung Omnia W I8350 now at Rs. 15,200 at Flipkart Samsung Omnia W I8350 now at Rs. 15,200
  15. N

    Samsung Omnia W @13.9k with Manu. Warranty! HURRY :p

    Here you go.... Samsung Omnia i8350 W Wonder,8GB, 5MP, New launch Windows 7.5+1 Year Warranty | eBay
  16. A

    Which one to choose...

    Samsung Omnia W or the the Nokia Lumia 710 ?
  17. A

    Omnia w

    Hey friends, can we use bluetooth to transfer files in samsung omnia w Also how is the phone as a whole
  18. ajayashish

    best TouchScreen and GPS Phone

    Can someone suggest me a good rather best phone for GPS use and with touch screen capability. Definatly it needs to have other good features as well but i am also focusing on GPS a lot... somephones i was eyeing was HTC Hero Samsung Omnia Samsung UltraTouch Nokia N97 mini but need to know...
  19. P

    friends help me to choose one of the following mobile

    1. samsung s8003 jet ----17.5k +tax 2. samsung b7610 omnia pro------ 22000/-+tax(with slide out qwerty) 3. samsung omnia II-------------------24000/-+tax 4. LG GC 900 crystal 5. km900 arena
  20. Ganeshkumar

    Mobile Phone in budget below 24K INR - OMNIA2 Good?

    Hi All.. :) I am planning to get a mobile for my brother, My requirements as below, Budget: <24K INR Camera: Should be a descent one (atleast 5 MP) (If Flash, it will be great) OS: Need a standard OS, windows, android,.. Screen: Larger size >3" prefered Must Haves: GPS, Wifi, 3G I have...
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