1. quicky008

    CMOS Battery needs to be replaced frequently-please help

    I bought an asrock wolfdale ddr2 667 motherboard last year to replace a dead motherboard that was present in one of my older systems.Although this board is working pretty well and i've had no major issues with it so far,i've observed that its cmos battery needs to be replaced once every 2-3...
  2. izzikio_rage

    Canon 60D, 700D or some other

    Need to buy a DSLR for a friend. They're planning to spend about 50k on the camera + kit lens. What would be a better option, going for the older but tried and trusted 60D or the new 700D (which is almost at a 15k premium). Or is there a competitor from nikon that might be a better bet?
  3. Skyh3ck

    New Xbox 360E launched !!!!

    what i found while surfing the net new xbox 360 E launched by Microsoft Microsoft Xbox 360 E Review - Watch CNET's Video Review
  4. G

    Problem in transferring file from one internal hard disk to other

    Hi guys, Yesterday I bought a seagate 2 TB st2000dm001 hd and installed it with my existing 1 tb seagate hdd. After that I partitioned new hdd in to 3 partitions and trtansfer some data from existing hdd to new hdd partition(H:), then I installed windows 8 on new hdd partition. After successful...
  5. RCuber

    Microsoft Certification Opinion

    I was thinking about doing a certifications. I'm basically a .NET developers and I need certification for advances in my career. there are MCTS, MCSD and some older certifications. MCSD is more suited for next gen technologies, but I haven't worked on those. I read that MCTS would be retired...
  6. D

    MAC: gfxCardStatus older binary

    Does somebody have a gfxCardStatus older binary. With newer version 2.2.1 I am seeing mac blacking out and apple has documentation about it. Looking for version <2.2.1 Can somebody share the binary for this freeware. Or any site which has all versions of mac software..(something like...
  7. C

    Can i add new ram in my older system?

    I have core i7 950 which have triple channel ddr3 ram compatibility but currently all new ram are dual channel so is there possibility to add 16 gb ram Gskill SNIPER 16GB RAM F3-1866C10D-16GSR (8GB X 2) Rs- 7,850 on my mobo? currently i have gskill f3-12800cl7 [3X2GB] so can i add these new one...
  8. S

    Tablet advise needed

    Hi, I am planning to purchase a tablet for personal (me and my wife), office use (documents, emails, browsing) and kids educational use. We are not yet decided what to get. There are some tablets from local companies like HCL for 10k. Then, there is samsung tab 2 p3100 tablet at 19.3k. And...
  9. rider

    Chrome showing graphic error

    Heyy guys! there is an issue comes in google chrome that whenever I switch one tab to other new tab after sometime older tab shows red-green colour in the page.
  10. M

    Budget Configuration, Go-ahead needed.

    Here's the Configuration I'm planning to buy. AMD Phenom x4 840/Bulldozer FX 4100 - 5,500/- Gigabyte GA-78LMT-S2P - 2,800/- 4GB Transcend RAM - 1,350/- (Would look into Corsair) Seagate 250GB - 3,600/- LG DVD Writer - 1,000/- CM Elite 310 - 2,000/- (Suggest Cheaper Cabinet) 400W VIP -...
  11. avinandan012

    New Motherboard required

    Hi all, I am looking for a mobo & DDR3 ram 4GB for my PIIx4 955 cause for some reason my older mobo ASUS M3A78-EM ' PCIx16 slot is not working after a BIOS update :cry:. See my older thread . Features required on mobo : 1. onboard graphics 2.1 PCIx16 (Gen.2 will suffice) slot...
  12. devx

    [Want to Buy] HDD Required

    Greetings., I need to buy a HDD whether it's OLD or NEW., - Older drives preffered. - It should be equals to 320 gb or more than it. - Seagate / WD both brands are acceptable. - It shouldn't be older than a year. - 5700 Rpm drives is not a problem but 7200 Rpm would got preference. -...
  13. RCuber

    WD TV Live Availability

    Hi Guys, I just wanted to check where I can get the WD TV Live (v3) in Bangalore. I checked with Computerware house , but they have the older model. I want to purchase it ASAP EDIT: What is the street price of the New Model?
  14. vaibhav23

    Decent headphones for less than 1.5k

    Want to buy a headphone for less than 1.5k with the sole purpose of watching movies.The headphone should have good built quality and good quality wires(which my older Intex crap did not have died in just 6 months).
  15. prophet

    guys help

    i to buy a pair of in ear headphones, budget 800, i would be mainly using it with my ipod while jogging, i listen to a lot of symphonies(mozart, beethoven etc) and sometimes jazz and hip hop. from older threads pl21 looks a good contender should i go for it or are their better options?
  16. setanjan123

    OS dilemma

    Hey guys i am abit confused o whether i should use win7 or xp for gaming. my specs are - 2 GB RAM PENTIUM D 820 GEFORCE 210 1 GB While my card is not a gaming one i game at only 1280x1024 so its enough. Its seems that win7 consumes a lot of resources both idly and while gaming. Is...
  17. vikash

    Computer headphones under 1k

    Hi friends... this is ma first thread here nd hope i'ud get d best of responses.. I m lukin for a headband(headphone) under Rs 1000 with d best of sound (ofcourse under d price range already mentioned) i'm seekin fr -bass -clarity -reliability in short PERFORMANCE help me out frnds...
  18. T

    Particular website does not load

    Hi, I'm not able to access a particular website. All other websites load perfectly fine. This website loads fine on other computers. I had installed a new Modem(Beetel 450 TS1). The website works perfectly fine when i use older modem. What could be the issue. Please help. Please let me...
  19. GeekyBoy

    Need an AGP graphics card

    Guys, i am a bit cash strapped, and require a decent agp graphics card to play new and older games(my older agp card went kaput). I dont want to spend an entire fortune on a new system and am content with playing at lower resolutions. I reside at Kolkata and would prefer to buy from someone...
  20. S

    LCD Monitor.

    Budget: 5k. ( might put in a few bucks more if product is that good) Reason: Have a old working pc with no monitor. Want this monitor to work with the old PC ( so need appropriate cables etc along with it).Not accepting offers of monitors which won't work on older PC's. No specific size...
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