1. B

    Need coupons for recharging DTH

    Hi Friends, I want to recharge my Videocon d2h. Anyone having any coupons or know about any offers which can give some cashback or discounts? Thanks - - - Updated - - - Bump.
  2. TechnoBOY

    Airtel launches V-Fiber

    Airtel today launched ‘V-Fiber’ in Chennai that offers speeds of up to 100 Mbps. It is based on Vectorization, which is Europe’s No.1 fixed broadband technology. Airtel the first operator in India to use this technology. Airtel said that it has also upgraded local exchanges with equipment to...
  3. A

    promo code for snapdeal

    Which is the best e_voucher website which offers the latest promo code for snapdeal? Then what are the discounts and offers applicable for that offer coupons?
  4. P

    Dth Offers

    Is there any DTH provider who gives any cash back offers by paying through an app? If so please give me some list of apps. Thanks !
  5. bssunilreddy

    [Want to Buy] Any GTX960 4GB

    Hello TDF Members, I am looking for Any GTX960 4GB. Interested individuals can contact me via PM with their best reasonable offers. Budget: Rs.15000 Shipped Location: Hyderabad, Telangana Thanks!!
  6. R

    Reliance Broadband

    I'm tired of slow net. My current plan is Airtel 2 mbps for 25gb then 512 kbps @ 1200 I think. Reliance thunder offers 4 mbps constant speed @ 1100. I need reliable net, is reliance worth it? I play online games like dota.
  7. Harsh Pranami

    [Want to Buy] 4 gb ddr3l 1600mhz low voltage laptop ram

    Please P.M. your offers. Warranty not necessary.
  8. D

    [Want to Buy] Looking for an used/imported PS4

    Hey there, I am looking for an used/imported/ PS4 which should be in 10/10 condition. Please let me know your offers.
  9. A

    Camera around 25k

    Hi, I'm planning to purchase a camera around 25k. Nice offers going on Paytm so its bit urgent. Have been using Sony H-50 for last 7 years so don't mind if it is slightly bulky - advanced point and shoot types are fine. Compact cameras tend to perform poorly in low light so not at all...
  10. T

    broadband cable to ADSL converter

    I have this circular cable attached to the back of the modem, but I just bought a new modem+router of tp link 300mbps which doesn't have the circular but just offers an ADAL connector slot. What to do? Pls help asap.
  11. @

    [Want to Buy] Pogoplug Pro (Pogo-E02)

    PM me your offers!
  12. A

    General Query Great Online Shopping Festival(GOSF) on Snapdeal

    Hello All, have you heard about GOSF on Snapdeal. I think everyone knows about this upcoming days of this shopping festival on Snapdeal. And I hope it gives benefits to the customers. Keep browsing for the exciting offers
  13. aroraanant

    Urgent help...Buying a 48" LED TV.

    I am planning to buy Samsung 48H5100, getting locally for 67.25k(final price after bargaining). Is there any other better option in that budget? I don't any more bargaining is possible on the above mentioned price atleast in my area, what do you guys think should be the best price of the above...
  14. @

    [Want to Buy] Looking for a modem and a router

    I am looking for a modem and a router. PM me your offers. Should work with BSNL, it uses ADSL. If you have only modem or only router, still contact me. Thank you!
  15. S

    [Want to Buy] Psu 500w or 550w urgently

    Pm me offers
  16. sunny4691

    [Want to Buy] Need a Gpu Like Hd6670/5670/6570 , Etc

    Hi guys, my friend needs a low-end gpu like hd6670/5670/6570 , etc asap. Plz pm me if you have got one for sale. The gpu should be in warranty. PLZ PM me all offers. Thanks
  17. ashis_lakra

    [Want to Buy] WaterCooler

    Hi Guys, Looking for a used watercooler for cpu of any make preferably under warranty. SVG-tech coolers will also do, but since company is closed, so warranty is void. PM me your offers.
  18. GhorMaanas

    [Want to Buy] flipkart gift voucher

    Hello! i need a flipkart gift voucher for a purchase worth 13-14k on flipkart. anyone having it please PM me your offers. thanks!
  19. R

    Exchange Samsung Galaxy S5360 for a new phone

    Hey guys, My mum is using Galaxy Y for a while and I think it would be better if I get it replaced with some other smartphone through exchange offers going on. What's the best offer that I can get with exchanging Galaxy Y? Budget - less than 8k
  20. H

    Mobile Insurance

    Hey guys, I've recently bought a Xperia ZR. Now, I want to insure my phone against theft. MobileStore only offers theft insurance for phones bought from them. The new India assurance co ltd also offers mobile insurance but I don't know if there's a better alternative available. So, I would...
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