1. davinci

    Which is da best gaming laptop arounk Rs50k?

    I want to buy a laptop around Rs50k(not over 55k) mainly to play games n watch movies.So pls help me select 1.I hav Dell studio 15 on mind,how is it?and i also want a usb datacard wid unlimited download....bsnl is offering 1 i think for rs2oo pm (in kolkata) is it?will i get decent...
  2. the great one

    New Cell

    I wanna buy a new cellphone plz guide me i m eyeing sony-eric 585 wat r its pros & cons also any price cuts in the offering in near future i can wait atleast 2 mnths Users of dis sets pls giv ur views
  3. NucleusKore

    Burning toilets A US firm is offering $5,000 (£3,450) for clues leading to the arrest of an arsonist who has been setting portable toilets on fire across San Francisco. The Clorox Company is also offering a year's supply of toilet cleaning products in...
  4. tarey_g

    Dell inspiron 1525 Query

    Hi, I am going to order Dell Inspiron laptop with the following configuration, and its going to cost me around 45,000 Rs (incl taxes). I want to know if there is similar offering from other companies in this range. suggestions are welcome, see the config in image attached below.
  5. Chetan1991

    Do you know about any sites offering sorcecodes, controls etc?

    Hi guys! Can any one suggest me some sits offering free activeX controls and source codes for VB. Please tell me about some sites which provide ebooks on API.
  6. shashank_re

    Virgin:Get paid for incoming calls!

    Now this is what i call beating competition! Virgin India(its MVNO with Tata is offering 10p for every incoming call that you recieve!!! Look here: :D:D:D:D
  7. Batistabomb

    needs your suggestion urgent

    guys i got job in HP and HCL,in HP i got job as networking tech support and he was offering 26000 per month in bangalore,in HCL i've got as Network Engineer and he was offering 30000 in chennai,so where to go

    Airtel Broadband 8Mbps Connection !!

    Airtel has become the first Internet Service Provider (ISP) to provide 8 Mbps broadband to India. Currently, the speeds on offer range from 256 Kbps to 4 Mbps. Users will be able to download a 5 MB music file in 5 seconds flat as compared to 160 seconds on a 256 kbps connection. Announcing the...
  9. linardni

    PC shutting down, hlp plz.

    My PC (Cel. 2.1 Processor, Mercury Motherboard, LG Monitor) running Win-XP SP2 is shutting down by itself often. It can't be restarted or rebooted instantly without offering some rest. Plz help.
  10. anandk

    Microsofts Latest OS Offering !!!

    maybe a really old one... :D ... but then enjoy it, as one would, a TV re-run ;-) wonder where vista would fit in it, now !
  11. M it really worth the money???

    Well around 6 years back when lasik was offering freedom from specs...but as i was underage that time.....i postponed the plane...that time i heard the max it cost would be 25k Now again i enquired about it and was simply amazed to see after so many hospitals offering it cost has gone upto...
  12. godling

    Huge TFT Monitor

    Posted to the correct forum. I meant to ask a few questions here: --------------------------------------------------------------- Hi, I'm into audio production, and therefore on the lookout for a large display. My vendor in Calcutta is offering me an Acer 19-inch widescreen display for Rs...
  13. Gaurav

    SATA or IDE

    I am planning to purchase a combo drive, but am confused between the interfaces, which one i should buy offering better speeds and reliability SATA or IDE, are SATA drives expensive?
  14. S

    Microsoft Claims Vista's Aero Interface Doesn't Slow PCs

    Principled Technologies, which conducted the research for Microsoft, is offering a download of the report.;jsessionid=14W1K2D35B2NOQSNDLOSKH0CJUNN2JVN?articleID=196800080
  15. gauravakaasid

    N91 for sale......

    hi all, a friend of mine has bought an nokia N91 a few days bak. he wants to sell it. its packed n brand new. he is offering to sell it off at 19k only! if u want details pm me. offer only in kolkata.
  16. hemant_mathur

    Xdrive offering 5Gb space free !!

    Get it from here
  17. T

    Help me buy a new CPU

    HI i reside in pune. i wanted to assemble a new computer. i went to baba electronics but he is only offering an AMD Athlon X2 4200+. where can i get a X2 4400+ or X2 4800+ in pune? PS:is X2 4200+ okay?
  18. F

    Learn Game Graphics Programming in India!

    Hello! A new institute has opened that teaches real-time 3D Graphics Engine development. It's one of the very few institutes offering this course. Find more info at Cheers, fb.
  19. ax3

    Web templates ! ! !

    have seen many sites offering web templates ... whot r those ???
  20. S

    wll services in india

    what are the various wll services in india and which company are offering it
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