1. S

    web hosting

    hi im a freelance web-multimedia designer. pl guide me a indian webhosting provider with low/moderate prices and offering addons like url forwarding, subdomain etc at a low price and good service.
  2. A

    Online File Synchronisation

    i work from office and home and frequently need to synchronise the files of home and ofice computers. is there any free online storage facility offering this service where i can keep my files synchronised using an internet connection. pl. suggest.[/b]
  3. eagle_y2j

    Plz replay me soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    can someone tell me the names of institute offering BCA degree to non maths group students
  4. Hulo

    From whom to buy .IN domain name at the least price ?

    I want to purchase a .IN domain name. Any idea who is offering the least price and/or best deal?
  5. N

    Suggest a website offering.......

    Please tell me any website offering free counter, free webstats and with no ads. Thanx in advance.
  6. rohan

    Yahoo! gettin' better than Gmail!!!

    Yahoo, now says that it will be offering 1GB of mail storage by the beginning of May and will also think upon giving the free users virtually unlimited 2GB space!!!! Now the only thing tha makes Gmail cool is it's excellent in-mail facilities and that it is a cream tha only selected few...
  7. T

    can u help me?

    I want 2 know some site offering free download of fullversion games. Can u help me?
  8. teknoPhobia

    GeForce 6200

    What do you ppl think abt the latest entry level offering in the graphics card market?
  9. sidewinder

    digit offer!!

    What is the actuall price of the dvd combo which digit is offering @ Rs. 2600?
  10. K

    AGP 8x?

    Hi there, I am looking for a new Motherboard. My friend is offering me an FX 5200 AGP 8x Card. However, I need an AGP 8x Compliant Motherboard. Can you specify some? :?:
  11. L

    Rediff Offering 1 GB

    Rediff Waalo ne 1 GB launch kar diya aur abhi bhi kai bevakoof insaan gmail jaisi slow email services ke intezaar mein baithe hain.Kaun nahi jaanta ke rediffmail is offering lighting fast email service.The most reliable email loading times and various other features.YAARO JAAGO.............
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