1. KiLL

    Buy the HD 7750 or Wait for "Sea Islands" Hd 8750????

    I want to buy a new GPU fr my system...... My budget is around 8k max.... I was planning to get Hd 7750 now but i read somewhere that nxt gen Sea Island will release in jan/feb of 2013... What shld i do???? MY SPECS-- i3 540 4gb ddr3 500gb 1024x768 Corsair VS450
  2. randomuser111

    Sony Xperia 2012 owners discussion

    Since a lot of forum members have bought 2012 Sony Xperia phones and a lot of prospective buyers want to know more about these phones from actual buyers, I thought I'd create this thread so all 2012 Xperia owners can post their issues/opinions/reviews/ and everything else. :-)
  3. hskpunjabi

    Buying laptop nxt week,help me Hp or sony?

    Hi friends,i need ur help in buying laptop 4 myself, i had selected sony e series laptop [@42-43k] but some of my friends,who has e series says sony has some issues like faulty battry/spkrs etc...i'm confused now aftr all sony has name... I'm cosidring hp as option,plz help me choose ..n give...
  4. comp@ddict

    New Amd Processors

    Here check the new AMD processors and their a bit wierd but new style of naming. *en.expreview.com/2008/09/22/amd-45nm-cpu-naming-scheme-changed/ SO we see DDR3-1333MHz memory support WOW! And there's 3GHz procc too. I've had news that the 2.4 or 2.6GHz goes to 4GHz! Look at...
  5. the great one

    The Godfather

    My sys config. P IV 1.6Ghz. , 256+128 MB SDRAM, 128MB Nvidia Geforce FX5500 ,Direct x 9.0c, 40 GB (10 GB free), DVD Writer, CD Writer. I hav problem playing godfather , i installed it and the game ran smoothly as all the requirements were there on my system but the nxt time i ran the game...
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