The Godfather

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the great one

My sys config.
P IV 1.6Ghz. , 256+128 MB SDRAM, 128MB Nvidia Geforce FX5500 ,Direct x 9.0c, 40 GB (10 GB free), DVD Writer, CD Writer.
I hav problem playing godfather , i installed it and the game ran smoothly as all the requirements were there on my system but the nxt time i ran the game there was noting happening just the black screen(note the system does not hang here it responds to the commands) , eventually i hav 2 endtask the game in order to close it.
Den the nxt day i reinsatlled the game again it worked fine but the nxt time i started the game the same problem again.
Plz tell me the solution 4 dis problem


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dude that answers the question.
and this game has one more problem, once you get into the car you can not get out.
A orginal game ofcourse will not have this or any problem, as long as your drivers are up to date.

The orginal i think will cost you around Rs 1000
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