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Since a lot of forum members have bought 2012 Sony Xperia phones and a lot of prospective buyers want to know more about these phones from actual buyers, I thought I'd create this thread so all 2012 Xperia owners can post their issues/opinions/reviews/ and everything else. :)


1. .62 cant be rooted, even B.0.431, not able to use Cyanogenmod.2. ICS is good but no info on Jelly Bean upgrade.


Xperia Sola:

Battery:3 hrs-4hrs constant heavy usage.More than a day if normal usage.
Camera:Not bad.
Floating touch is useless until there is more apps which will use that feature,now only stock browser and cosmic wallpaper use that.
Back speaker in at the worst position.When you hold phone,your hand will cover the speaker.

Anything else?


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hi, every one

I'm new to android environment :)

My doubt-->
How can you access the files stored in sd card of Xperia Neo V through your phone?


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also when I connect to google play via pc through the usb cable, it identifies my phone but is in grey (non-compatible) mode. What can be the reason?


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Hi Guys!
I've purchased Xperia U a week ago n it's on Gingerbread.
The problem is tht I've installed Opera Mini n whn I re-start it , it dsn't works :(
Plz tell me why is it so... I've reinstalled it thrice bt nothing works
Or tell me other preferable browser for my device.

PS - Is upgrading it to ICS may fix d problem?
Plz reply with ur valuable suggestions
Thx a lot :)


I have the Sony Xperia Neo L. It comes with ICS out of the box.

The good:

- Good battery (1500mAh, better than most other cells in this price range)
- 4-inch IPS LCD (without Bravia, but it doesn't seem to make a big difference especially when considering this is the only Xperia model in the price range that contains IPS screen)
- Hardware keys
- Basically the same hardware as Xperia Play and offers some access to Playstation games
- Has Front Camera and expandable storage
- Good resolution 854x480
- Fairly decent build quality; plastic that doesn't creak like the LG and Samsung alternatives I was looking at (I'm thinking Galaxy S Duos), good loudspeaker
- Decent call quality for a Sony phone; this is coming from someone who knows Nokia and Samsung are traditionally the best in this department.

The bad:
- No NFC
- Camera UI is incomplete; uses Android's stock camera app, face detection and smile detection are not there. It does however take decent pictures and the autofocus does work well despite reviews to the contrary.
- Music player lacks Sony's proprietary "clear bass" function (Xperia U and sola have it) and has the design of 2011 Xperias; thus this phone is a nostalgia SE phone and not part of the NXT series
- Hardware slightly slow (1GHz Snapdragon with Adreno 205)
- Screen is not Gorilla glass (but most Xperia phones skimp on this)

Overall I'd probably recommend the Xperia sola over this phone (price difference is not much) if the lack of a front camera in the sola isn't a deal breaker for you.
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