Buying laptop nxt week,help me Hp or sony?


Hi friends,i need ur help in buying laptop 4 myself, i had selected sony e series laptop [@42-43k] but some of my friends,who has e series says sony has some issues like faulty battry/spkrs etc...i'm confused now aftr all sony has name...

I'm cosidring hp as option,plz help me choose ..n give ur suggessions ...its urgent,going to buy laptop nxt week

what about hp dm4 1024 tx? On net it is priced around 47k...anybody knows its true price??
Also dv4 series is not listed on hp site...don't know why.,?

Dv6 has largr screen,so friends r not recomending it

thanks,plz reply sooner
Even I am looking for the same answer guys. And it looks like I5 + 5650 combo is available with HP DV6 only as of now within decent budget.

Might this 1 help you.

HP Pavilion DV6516TX Price – 49,000/-
HP Pavilion DV2401TU Price – 45,000/-
HP Pavilion DV9502AU Price – 39,000/-
HP Pavilion DV2601TX Price – 49,200/-
HP Pavilion DV9223 Price – 64,200/-
HP Pavilion DV9704TX Price – 59,000/-
HP Pavilion DV6767TX Price – 52,000/-
HP Pavilion DV2701TX Price – 42,000/-
HP Pavilion DV2819TX Price – 52,000/-
HP Pavilion DV9731TX Price – 67,500/-
HP Pavilion DV3005TX Price – 52,000/-
HP Pavilion DV6704TU Price – 40,000/-
HP Pavilion DV2713TU Price – 39,000/-
HP Pavilion DV2762TX Price – 52,000/-
HP Pavilion DV9734TX Price – 66,500/-
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