1. A

    [For Sale] Used Ram sticks (working and non-workng)

    Hi I have a few Ram sticks that are lying idle. I want to sell them off if any use to someone. Some are working and some are not: They are as follows: Transcend 512MB DDR400 (2 NOs), working: Rs 400 Each Transcend 512MB DDR400 (1 NO), Non-working: Rs 200 Strontium 2GB PC800 DDR2 (1...
  2. J

    Information on home inverter and batteries.

    Recently I had purchased an inverter with two batteries with following details/configurations. 1. Inverter :- Lucas eLITE+ Digital Sine Wave Home UPS (1500 VA) 2. Batteries (2 nos.) :- SF Sonic Power Box PBX1350 (135 AH) I had connected the above set-up to following points as per my...
  3. Samystic

    Who is the carrier for the following nos.?

    Hi! don't know if this is the right place to question, but answer will be appreciated... Who is the carrier for the following nos. in India? Are these nos. from Mumbai? 9619...... 9719...... 9819...... 9919......?
  4. T

    Why IMEI no is required?

    Hello friends after a long time i am visiting the forum. But thats not imp at all. I have a confusion... I have read in the newspaper that in order to trace the terror accused the police require the IMEI no of the handset incase of a terror attack. According to police since the terrorists use...
  5. iinfi

    n72 contacts backup screwed...

    i v my n72 with me for almost 9 months now. i use pc suite to sync my fone with my PC. (only contacts) all these days i used to do it blindly assuming that it works fine in the background. just today i discovered something. there are several contacts in my fone whose nos. are stored in...
  6. the_moon

    HP Customer Service Blues!

    This is to share my plight as an HP Notebook User with all th members of this forum. I have this HP Notebook that has a 3 yr on-site warranty. Recently I started facing problems with my AC adapter & consequently called up the customer care which promised me to replace it within 3 working...
  7. N

    studiof equips or sale

    Equipments for sale : DVD Writers ( MULTI-SYSTEM ) Pioneer DVD-R/RW + HDD ( DV In/Out ) Sony DVD-R/RW ( DV In ) AUDIO CD Writers ( Mastering Machine ) Tascam Recorder ( needs Service ) Philips Recorder CD Duplicators ( Mastering Machine ) Tascam CD Copier ( Scsi Machine )...
  8. gkiran

    Contact Management S/w

    Hi all, I need a contact Mgmt s/w at our office, for storing the phone numbers etc, with the following features: 1) Centralized database containing all contacts. Volume will be around 3-4 thousands. We also want to take a backup of this file/folder frequently. 2) Network capability...
  9. arunks

    Guys alert for all..!!!! those who used other person mobile for giftmate voucher

    hi guys.. just 5 mins back i received a call on my mobile phone from some number from delhi.. I m refering here name as "x" instead of actual name.. They asked for person "x" to talk.. i made some excuses that "x" is not here.. i asked them to leave a message for "x" they said...
  10. iMav

    Which Vodafone Plan

    guys i have 2 nos. which in a certain plan that gave me free calls between those nos. but the the bill is exhorbitant for other calls .... please suggest me a billing plan to swtich to which has better call rates .... for mumbai ....
  11. C

    Urgent Help Required

    Hello Guys, I need a help from u in a different matter. I have an aunt living in Broxholm Road, West Norwood, London. But we have last contacted him 20yrs back. Now I have her telephone no. which is obviously 20yrs old. Now can u tell me some services which will tell me abt that telephone...
  12. acesuresh

    I need to sell ..... Urgent !!

    Hi Frenz, I need to sell the below mentioned devices, Its very urgent.. 80 GB Sata Hard disk (2 Nos) - Seagate - Rs.1500/-(Each) 512 MB DDR2 RAM (2 Nos) - Dynet - Rs.1000/-(Each) 40 GB IDE Hard disk (1 No) - Seagate - Rs.1000/- Please quote the best price for all of the above, all are new...
  13. S

    Motorola inbox prob

    guys i have a moto v3i. when i send a message i don't receive its delivery report . i'm unable to find the option for it. how do i set the speed dial for the nos 1-9 . my numbers are stored on the sim thanks in adv
  14. kool

    Tv Tuner Software ****

    Dear frnds, today i bought a new tv tuner card INTEX PC TV CAPTURE worth Rs.975. Now my problem is that i've installed its hardware by its given Cd (ver.0413) but unable to install its software. How can i play Tv?? Whenever i click to its setup.exe (Intervideo WinDvr 2.0.34) it start asking...
  15. 786

    Finding the owner of unknown mobile nos.

    Many of us get missed calls and massages from unknown mobile nos. & then the interest increases about who migth it be. So we usually calls them back & then most of the time it turns out to be friends who are just joking thus losing the credit balance unnecessarily. Can any one help to find out...
  16. 786

    BHUUT call if you dare

    I live in Kolkata. Y-day I heard a strange thing, there are two nos. i> 1020304050 & ii>9886788888 where if you call you can hear strange things/sayings(like it does in ghost movies) by which you may get affraid. I didn't call because I was too affraid to do so. Can any one give me any clue...
  17. S

    Help me!Nokia 6100 content copier file to restore Nokia 6220

    Hi mates I have a problem. Earlier I was using a Nokia 6100 phone and had used to back up nos etc using Nokia PC Suite.Then later when I bought a 6220 I used the PC Suite to transfer the nos. etc to the 6220 via OUTLOOK. Recently,I had given the 6220 for repirs and the ****ing repairer has...
  18. saROMan

    what is sfv ??

    i have recently d/l some files from the net which are been split in to r00,r01.....etc , so when i try to extract these files i get archive currupt msg ...i already deleted approx 2 GB of data coz of this corrupt rar's .... any ways today when i ched it..then there is a sfv file in it....and...
  19. F

    Will i be able?

    will i be able to enter my old 16 digit nos and get any points?
  20. C

    Telephone on your PC system !

    Hi, Anybody here uses his phone (landline) via the PC (thru the modem or any other way...) This I assume would help in 2 things I want to do: a. Recording direct on HDD b. Screening & saving incoming nos. via CID Have tried it many yrs. before but back then CID software could not...
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