1. cluby

    Please comment on the prices

    I bought the following config from kolkata today ASUS M2N-VM DVI-----------------Rs.3475 AMD 64 AM2 4400+----------------Rs.3800 2GB*1 DDR2 800MHz---------------Rs.2550 Seagate 250GB 7200rpm-----------Rs.2850 Please comment on the prices .Are they high or normal. If I hd gone for 1GB*2...
  2. ajaybc

    How to split an image for making a poster?

    I have designed a poster for an exibition at my college.Now I have to print it.It takes a lot of money to print large images as it cant be printed in normal printer available at my college. So I intend to split the image into small parts (A4 sized) print it and then join them to make the...
  3. max_demon

    max_demon's Love Story (not started yet)

    Today that is 22-01-08 , Normal day .but not that much normal today , Gilhari told mohak in physics period starting . That she knows about JTK (You Know Cmm'on) and Me ( i am damn sure that MF Yuthen has told her or Akku Bai about that ) and i later knew that JTK also know about and the whole...
  4. patkim

    IE Freezes for a moment..

    While browsing the net some times I find that a particular IE Window which is loading the contents from a requested site just freezes for a moment and later becomes active when the contents are loaded. During this momentarily freeze, rest of running applications continue to respond in normal...
  5. ajayashish

    Using normal HDD on a Laptop

    I have a Dell Laptop and a Assembled desktop. Lately my desktop is creating some problem and i need some data from my HDD. Is there any means that i can use the normal IDE HDD on my laptop...
  6. chicha

    what are barebone pc's?

    i did google it and went to weki too but did not find any diff between barebone and a normal pc. only the tower were different. so what is this barebone?
  7. S

    installing compiz 'n' getting the eye candy desktop.

    hi! i hv installed ubuntu 7.10 gusty gibbon. and i hv also enabled ati restricted driver graphics ...... now when ever i try to get visual effects i.e., system>preference>appearance>visual effects> when i click on normal or extra i got this error: the composite extention is not available. now...
  8. chesss

    monitor gone black and white

    It started a week ago, monitor suddenly went black and white, then it became normal again the next day, but now, today again it has gone black and white. there are flashes of colour, where the monitor becomes normal for a few seconds and then goes back to being black and white.. it is only...
  9. A

    normal facility in window xp

    hello everyone now a days i am searching a normal facility in window xp sp 2 about sharing please help me i wanna know that if i had made 2 accounts one administrator and a limited one. if i am an administrator account holder how can i restrict a limited account holder to access the...
  10. ashstud_83

    Computer temp. ok?

    i got the following comp rig built up: Intel core2duo@2.13Ghz Intel dg31pr mobo Geforce 8600gt fatality edition(256mb) 2gb ddr2-667mhz RAM lg-16x dvd-rw 160gb Maxtor @ 7200rpm POwermax 510W PSU gigabyte gz-x2 chassis.. so my question is this..i have put in everest ultimate edition for...
  11. bharat_r

    Documents & settings too big???

    By documents & settings folder seems to occupy 4GB+ of disk space. Is this normal? (image taken using Ashampoo Win Optimizer 2008 )
  12. New

    Are smbiyan phones slow?

    Hi friends..I am planning to buy Nokia 6233 shortly:p But one of my friends told symbian phones are slow when you use with 1GB card.Is this true? What's the difference btw normal and music edition?U can also suggest some good phones around 8k:D Thank YOu
  13. A

    USB PORT NOT responding

    My OS is Xp sp2 USB port work normal and also inserting Pen drive it work also normal but once to insert pen dirve it asking to use USB 2.0 for working fast Un-willing i click ok, after that my usb port not responding. Massage: Please install USB installer.
  14. D


    in the task manager i have 6-8 instances of svchost.exe running at nytime from varied locations..System/local service/ it normal?? wht abt MDM.exe??it sometimes hogs all of cpu usage!!! how do i remove or correct it ??
  15. bharat_r

    boot.ini missing

    I have Windows XP & Suse 10.1 installed on my system. After I select Windows XP from GRUB it shows an error massage which says invalid boot.ini ,but XP boots after that & everything is normal. Also I can't find boot.ini in Msconfig(attached pic) Please tell me what is wrong :)
  16. redhat

    Best paid antivirus?

    Hi guys, I am planning to buy a good AV. Can you please suggest which is the best AV I can go for in... I would prefer if it has a firewall inbuilt, but not a complete Internet Security suite(Its too expensive!!!, I am a normal Home User). I have a budget of around Rs. 1500/- per year(lisence...
  17. A

    FS : 25 days old Apple iPod 30GB

    Rs. 8000/- SHIPPED Good as new. Amazing condition. Reason for sale : Don't need 30GB. Normal iPod is too big; going back to my nano.
  18. R

    pentium D 2.66 ghz averate temperature

    I have got pentium D 2.66 ghz processor. The average temperature is 65. Is this normal or beyond normal. If you guys have any experience with this processor then please share your views.
  19. Y

    how to scan my computer

    hi friends plz guide me how can i scan my computer with an antivirus software what is the better way mode ot normal mode
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