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  1. F

    Price Check: WGR614 Wifi Router

    Want to sell my NETGEAR WGR614 54 Mbps 802.11g Wireless Router. I ordered it from ebay, courier got stuck in transit for 15 days because of short address. During that time...i switched to Dataone and got UTSTARCOM WA3002G4 Wifi Router from BSNL. I used this Netgear WGR614 router for one...
  2. DizitalNovice

    Any One who uses a netgear modem to connect to dataone?

  3. P

    Wireless Routers showing me a nightmare

    I've just bought a Belkin Wireless G Router and a Netgear USB Wireless Receiver... I don't know where the problem lies, but the Netgear frequently disconnects me from the internet. Sometimes it starts working if I plug it out and then replug it or sometimes when I restart the Belkin router...
  4. R

    help on DM111-p netgear

    folks i hav a dataone broadband connection and was usin utstar300r2 modem but lately it has started showing signs of over usage . i bought a new netgear dm111p modem . had been tryin long for gettin it connected in vain . the internet light doesn just glow . settings are all fine 0 & 35 mtu 1483...
  5. C

    Netgear Wi-fi Router problem

    Hi Guys, I have Netgear WGR614v6 router for about a year and half.., Wifi was working fine until one day due to power surge the AC Adapter goes dead . Can anyone let me know where I can buy a reliable 12V 1.5 A (DC-Output) power supply in Delhi NCR region. ? I contacted Netgear India...
  6. gary4gar

    Need a No-nonse ADSL modem for Dataone

    I need a simple router which should work with my dataone, do not need wifi as i already have a wifi router(tp-link). i need a compact router which can take load of long hours of running together. i have a few models in my mind suggest which one, also if there is something better than these...
  7. K

    Rediff,yahoo,hotmail is blocked can anyone help with this

    Hello Friends, At my office Rediff,Yahoo,Hotmail are blocked using Netgear Firewall is their any way to use this emails service or how can i break this netgear. i have to wait everytime for weekend where i can use from my place, as in normal working days i dont get time to use at my place...
  8. G

    Netgear ADSL modem router dg632

    6 months used NETGEAR ADSL Modem Router DG632, Anybody interested can quote
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