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  1. T

    Need A New WI-Fi Router + Modem= 2 in 1

    hello, my 4 year old netgear wireless router just got damaged.. i am planning to buy a new one ASAP. but this time i need a Modem + Router = 1 ie, 1 box , which acts as a router and modem both.. please suggest me . my budget is 2k and the *router+modem* should atleast work till 5years..and...
  2. ratzee199

    BB Curve 8520 & Wi-Fi

    Hi I have a BlackBerry Curve 8520. Recently I installed Netgear Router @ my home. I have been able to successfully connect my Laptop with Wireless Connectivity. But I am not able to connect my Blackberry in this network. Yesterday, I got it connected through my Wireless Router and I saw the...
  3. Akshay

    Connect 2 wireless routers - wirelessly

    I am using DLink nano wifi adapter on my PC to connect to my Netgear DGND3700 modem + router. However, the wifi adapter can only get 2 bars (out of 5) and the connection keeps dropping. Also I am unable to watch movies on my NAS drive with Dlink. There is no problem with Netgear router since my...
  4. R

    Router Query

    Hi, I want a basic router for a new airtel broadband connection. I had shortlisted these three routers from a online shop where I have some cash in account - Asus RT-N10 Plus - Pepperfry.com - Online Shopping Store | Lifestyle Products at Great Prices NETGEAR N-150 WGR614 Netgear...
  5. S


    Hello, :razz: I have an Airtel broadband connection with an beetel modem installed already And, I am contemplating buying the Netgear N300 (JWNR2000) WIRELESS ROUTER or the Cisco Linksys E900 Wireless-N300 Router. Can any one please tell me which of these are compatible with Windows 8...
  6. R

    [Query] Netgear 150 Router

    Hi Guys, Does anyone know where is the service center for Netgear Router in Kolkata? Would highly appreciate if information can be provided. Thanks and Regards, rock_dj.
  7. Akshay

    Settings for Reliance broadband in Netgear DGND3700

    [Solved] Settings for Reliance broadband in Netgear DGND3700 I recently took reliance broadband connection and I have received a ZTE ZXDSL 831 series with it. When I connect a lan cable from ZTE to my laptop (MBP), I can connect to the internet. Since it does not have a wifi, I want to use my...
  8. Akshay

    Connect two wireless routers with each other wirelessly

    I have a Belkin N150+ wireless router and a Netgear DGND3700 router cum modem. My Netgear is connected to the internet and my NAS drive, laptop, phones are also connected to the Netgear network. I have a PC kept in another room which uses a wireless USB adaptor, which is no good when it...
  9. G

    NETGEAR 8 port fast Ethernet switch

    1. Model number and details: Netgear FS608 v2 in very good condition.Used only for 5 months. 2. Date of purchase:28/06/2010 3. Reason for sale:Need cash 4. Warranty details:14 months left 5. Expected Price: Rs 299+ Shipping (299 in Hyderabad) 6. Location of Seller:Hyderabad 7.Payment mode...
  10. socrates

    NetGear WN2000RPT Wifi Repeater, Range Extender Unboxing and Set up

    NetGear WN2000RPT Wifi Repeater, Range Extender Unboxing and Set up - YouTube
  11. U

    Netgear Rangemax Next Wireless N USB Adapter – WN111 V2

    I have a unused Netgear Rangemax Next Wireless N USB Adapter – WN111 V2. Its kept since Jan2010. It has 2 yr warranty in total. I have the original box n cd and documents. I dont have a N router so dont need it anymore. Can ship at buyers cost. SP: 1200/-
  12. B

    [Modem] Netgear DG632 ADSL Modem router

    Netgear DG632 [ADSL Modem router] Specification: Please check the following link for detail information...
  13. kool

    which LINUX...??

    Hi friends, i've PC running win7 beta which going to expire on 1st march. I want to install LINUX but i'm confused which one is good for me, I'm 3rd year engineering student (CS branch). My PC configuration: ASUS mo, 2GB ram, 500GB hdd, Nvidia 512MB graphics, and i've netgear wi-fi USB...
  14. rajwansh2003

    Need Help: Wi-fi Protection

    In my location there is many wi-fi enabled office. In my office i too have wi-fi. How to protected my network so other can not access it. In my both Desktop i am having internal NETGEAR WG311v3.
  15. saurabh_1e

    selling modem + router

    selling modem + router ++ other things also wanna sell my netgear dg834g (modem adsl2+router) which i bought on 26 september 2009 that day before yesterday but when i connected it to my line i came to know that it does not support iptv .But my soul purpose to get it was to run iptv now its...
  16. VarDOS

    [Tutorial] Configuring NetGear DG834 V4 Router

    Hi, Friends This Is My Latest Tutorial, For The Problems, Asked By Many, This tutorial tells how to configure NetGear DG834 V4 Router, for BSNL BroadBand. Link : Configuring NetGear DG834 V4 Thanks
  17. A

    netgear dg834 wireless router

    Hi, i want to sell my netgear dg834 wireless router (bought in july 2007) which is in excellent condition (with box, all original accessories and the bill ) for a price between Rs. 1000 to 1200. regards, akshat
  18. A

    one year old Netgear WGR614 wireless router FOR SALE

    hi, i would like to sell my 1 year old netgear wireless router (model number wgr614), let me know if you are interested through this thread. regards, akshat (PS: i can also provide you with the bill i got with it)
  19. S

    Opensuse 11 and my stupid Netgear WG111

    So,finally I have Opensuse 11 on my PC and it's so awesome so far but no internet!! I don't have a PCI-E WiFi card.I use Netgear WG111 WiFi USB dongle and I have only Windows drivers for it.How do get it to work on Opensuse 11? Wine?
  20. T

    Wifi Router and Broadband

    Today i opted for the Airtel Wifi Router with built in ADSL Modem.. Model name is Beetel 450BXI I am very disappointed with the coverage. My question to you is can i expect better coverage with Netgear DG834GV? which is a Wireless Router with built in ADSL2 modem Link to the Netgear router...
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