BSNL wifi + N95 or PSP...possible?

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I have bsnl 'broadband' (so called) with a wi-fi router/modem UT starcom type2...

Works okay with my laptop, no issues...

but- when i try to connect my n95 or psp to it for surfing, it shows connected, but the browser/ internet radio app shows 'no gateway reply'...

when this was being set up by the technician, it showed up as an 'unsecured connection' on my laptop... i asked him about it, but he said that its safe and no one else would be able to use it.

at that time i was skeptical, but afterwards, when i failed to connect my n95/psp to it, i think he was right, but that was not a good thing necessarily...

so i guess my question is... is my connection safe from wi-fi eavesdropping? if yes how can i connect to it from my devices without making it unsafe?

thx in advance...cheers.


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they would have set some password in wi-fi, if not then u are done, all evasdropping can be done because anyone can connect without autenticating.

i hope u got your broadband account n pass, reset your router.


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I use a 5800, PSP and friends Omnia and my Dell lappy on my BSNL connection ,, modem is SL2_141 .. follow the instructions on BSNL's site


And once u go thru all the options u shud be able to tweak the connection even more :)
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