1. montsa007

    Dlink 2750U + MTS Modem = Unhappy Me!

    I bought this DLink 2750U to tether my MTS Mblaze connection. I am unable to proceed anywhere, please help :( I use Win 7 64Bit.
  2. Nipun

    Which MTNL unlimited plan should I choose?

    I want to leave MTS now and upgrade my 2.5GB MTNL plan to unlimited. BUT, as they have 2-3 websites(yes, its shocking) which they hardly bother to update, I am quite confused about plans they offer. This is what I want: Atleast 2 mbps for first 10GBs (the more, the better :D) Atleast...
  3. J

    Does MTS MBlaze work on 64bit Win 7?

    Hello Guys, Recently I am planning to get a Mts Mblaze connection. But I am skeptic about the fact that if it works on 64bit Windows 7 Home Premium. Have you guys tried the same? Does it work without glitches? And Thanks for helping.
  4. ghantaukay

    MTS Blaze with WiFi router

    Guys.Need ur help. I have a laptop and a pc. I use MTS Blaze for internet. I also have a wireless LAN USB2.0 Adapter. Can you tell me how I can avail of the internet services of MRS on my lappie? Also my brother too has a lappie and another pc in the other room. Can he too avail of the MTS...
  5. Vyom

    Which Wireless Internet is best among Tata Photon, MTS, Vodafone etc...

    Today's we have many options, like Tata Photon, MTS, Vodaphone, Idea, etc etc.. So, which ISP provides the best wireless internet among them?
  6. Artemis

    Need a EVDO Internet Connection----Please Help

    I'm planning to buy a wireless internet connection and am confused with what network to choose?? Need unlimited connection and will be using it on Windows as well as MAC OSX 10.6. Please advise... I checked out BSNL EVDO, Unlimited @ Rs750, the cheapest but is there a fair usage...
  7. Arnab boss

    mts mblaze speed problem..???

    hi guys,..i purchased a mts blaze this month and was pretty impressed by its performance...but suddenly the speed which i was getiing @54kbps-80kbps just went to 11kbps - 0kbps sometimes and even a page is taking 3min to load...???? i hav no iodea how this happened so i contact the shop frm...
  8. D

    Internet Scheduler - MTS MBlaze & Cable Based Broadband

    i am using mts mblaze - a EVDO data card with night pack. on desktop i used bsnl broadband and i know RASDIAL thing. but as on mts mblz i need to dial no #777 i cant use d scheuler. i tried RASDIAL /? on cmd! but got confused and several trings fails to make the right script. so i am...
  9. Dreamer

    Port forwarding on MTS MBlaze

    Hi, I have just bought MTS MBlaze in New Delhi as wired broadband was not available in my area. I tried to forward port for torrents as I had done previously for many years in my Airtel connection, but was unable to do so as the default gateway shown is, so there are no advanced...
  10. Tech.Masti

    Any MTS mobile user here??

    MTS mobile launched here in India somedays ago, any one using this connection?? what do you guys think about this service provider??
  11. kl_ravi

    Play this game: How far can you kick the ball

    Pl excuse me if this is the wrong section. I have searched the forum & it was not posted before. My personal best is 4319 Mts ... Try your best & post the link ...
  12. techno tublai

    LAN accross 150 mts

    Hello Everyone. Me and my friend need to setup a LAN from my house to his. We are appx 150 mts apart. Plese tell me how to do that in a cost effective and reliable manner. We dont want excessively high data speeds. Thanking in advance.
  13. rajat22

    Delay in IE Loading

    After getting connected IE takes a long time (all other browser like firefox also) to load (approx 1 to 2 mts). Any remedy?
  14. windchimes

    DVD'S not reading

    hi friends, I recently purchased a SONY DVD ROM. it is now failing to read some movie discs which are read in other machines...n also at times while watchin the movie, the movie gets freezed, some times becomes ok...but'll turn ok.if i am playing it after 10 or 15 mts...but it...
  15. choudang

    requirement::: setting up a Wireless LAN

    guys.... let me keep it as follows Intro:: I'm using a BSNL ADSL connection. One of my friend want to have a net connection, but he is staying in a rent and he does not have a phone connection to take the ADSL. so we planned that i will share my Net Connection. Prob/Soln:: The distance...
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