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  1. D

    MTS Mblaze keeps redirecting me to "mlife.mtsindia.in"

    How can I stop MTS Mblaze redirecting me to "mlife.mtsindia.in" every time I connect to a website? The only exceptions I've found to the rule are Google, DuckDuckGo, and the MTS India website. I've tried changing my DNS. No matter what I do, it works well for a couple minutes, only to start...
  2. G

    How to portforward on MTS ?

    I have MTS Mblaze Ultra Wifi.I want to portforward a port so I can host a gaming server.Please help me. I contacted MTS Support and they said they have no information regarding portforward.:cry:
  3. S

    Should I get new BSNL broadband or stick with MTS ?

    Hi , I am using MTS' 999 plan now. I am from Kerala. Which gives 40 GB usage. 15 GB day and 25 GB night. This plan is not listed in their site because I got it after a fight with them. The problem is , upto 5 GB I am getting 200-300 KBps speed. after that I get around 100-120 KBps...
  4. I

    3g WiFi dongle?

    I am looking to buy a 3g modem with WiFi connectivity (MTS?) to be used with my hostel mates (4-5people). We need an alternative to using the extremely expensive 3g network on our individual mobile devices. What do you recommend? Is a 3g dongle like MTS really the best option? We'll have it...
  5. G

    hide.me VPN????

    Hi, recently I've been getting a security msg of sorts, that too from torrent...it tells me to install HIDE.ME VPN to make myself anonymous. it also says it can help with the throttling issue from my ISP (MTS) which also i started having problems with very recently...i've heard that MTS...
  6. harshilsharma63

    Share files between PC and Phone with WiFi MTS dongke

    Hi, I have a MTS Mblaze dongle with WiFi. If I connect it ti my PC, it assigns an internal IP to the PC as well as to the connected mobile through WiFi. As both these devices are in the same network, is it posssible to wirelessly share files between the PC and the phone or for that matter...
  7. N

    MTS Ultra WiFi vs Photon Max WiFi

    What I know : 1) MTS quite faster than Photon in Delhi but both don't provide the promised speed 2) MTS prepaid better than MTS postpaid as people claim of receiving huge bills but prepaid costs approx. 2500 rupees with 10 GB recharge already...
  8. ©mß

    How to make laptop as Wi-Fi hotspot?

    I use MTS Mblaze for internet and want to make my Laptop running Windows8 as a wifi hotspot. I have already watched many videos on youtube. ALready tried that CMD method and already tried all softwares(i think). Now help me with the same keeping in mind that I am using MBlaze.
  9. T


    i am using airtel 3g and speed is very good but i only get 6gb 3g in rs950. And mts is offering 3gplus speed and downloading of 40gb in rs999. i want to know whether the speed of mts is good or not. i am from Jaipur,Rajasthan.
  10. T

    Should i buy MTS ULTRA BLAZE 3gPLus wifi dongle

    i am using airtel 3g and speed is very good but i only get 6gb 3g in rs950. And mts is offering 3gplus speed and downloading of 40gb in rs999. i want to know whether the speed of mts is good or not. i am from Jaipur,Rajasthan.
  11. ©mß

    How to forward port?

    I am using ZTE MTS AC2787 data card. I want to forward ports so that I can use it in Kali which I am running in Virtual Box. Help me with guys.
  12. wwwescape

    Exchange MTS Mblaze dongle for Reliance Netconnect dongle?

    Hi, I was using an MTS Mblaze dongle for a while when I heard the new that MTS has pulled out of Goa. I had no idea that we could exchange the dongle for a Reliance Netconnect dongle until I visited a PC hardware store the other day and saw an MTS flyer. Upon inquiry I was told that I would...
  13. W

    MTS MBlaze vs BSNL broadband

    I'm already using an MTS 3.1 Mbps dongle, but very unhappy about the current speed and connectivity issues in Bangalore. I hardly get 1Mbps bandwidth (< 100KBps download speed) during day time. My usage is online multiplayer gaming and movie downloads. I'm planning to apply for a BSNL broadband...
  14. ©mß

    Mblaze stopped in Haryana.

    Today, I went to Mblaze's website to check plans.There I chose Haryana for circle but it gave a message that Supreme Court has stopped the service in Haryana. I chatted them online and they said the same. This showed at the website MTS India - MTS MBlaze, MTS CDMA India, MTS MBrowse, MTS...
  15. R

    MTS Mblaze internet data card review

    Please dont go ever for MTS Mblaze.. they are cheater no.1 in internet service providers in terms of service, speed, data calculation. I have very bad experience about all this.. I had recharge my account for 15GB data usage and 3 months validity.. then in 2 months i used only 9GB and they...
  16. A

    Planning to buy MTS dongle!!!!! HELP needed!!

    hey friends i am planning to buy the mts dongle to replace my airtel broadband. I had some questions in my mind. needs your help... 1. How is the mts network...does it really give the promised 3.1mbps. Moreover i stay in vaishali,ghaziabad.......Any idea how is it around this area??? 2. I...
  17. A

    problems with mts

    i have MTS broadband., anyway that's not the problem. The speed was low. Complained to MTS, they did what they can,...nothing. i don't know if this is the write place to post my problem, but i think it has something to do with software(or may be mts wants me to just upload and upload and never...
  18. suvajit

    MTS Mblaze Rs 303 night unlimited speed query

    Hi! I have just bought MTS Mblaze and it is giving good speed upto 2 Mbps. Does anyone have used Rs 303 night unlimited pack? Will the speed remain same.? Is it truely unlimited?
  19. jsjs

    Buying USB dongle for internet connection

    I am looking to buy a usb netconnect which has got good 3g data plans. I have already tried MTS MBLAZE and am looking for a detailed idea on which one to go for. Plz help
  20. evilmage93

    Unlocking MTS MBLAZE

    Its illegal. So i dont know if its gonna get pass moderators but if it gets then here is the deal. I have a MTS Mblaze Ec22 wireless broadband dongle and i also have a airtel sim with 3g connection with like 1gb data traffic left on it so i was kinda thinking if i can use the mts modem...
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