Movies/Books Scenes and Techniques V1: Lose the focus


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Thought of starting this thread where we discuss certain techniques used to emphasize the effects of a scene, to make it more memorable, and to stand out from the mediocrity. Bonus points if you can list the movie name before detailing the technique used.

These are the points to consider:
1. Camera usage
2. Sound design
3. Motifs
4. Colors
5. Contrast

No useless posts here. Post only if you are serious about it and know that what you are going to post will contribute to this thread. Posts will be purged weekly which add to nothing new.

Movie: Cairo (2001)

Scene: One of the character is searching for something in the house. It's a horror movie. The trick used here is that camera focuses on the person but then gradually turns to the opposite direction (without shifting the location of camera). There is darkness where the focus falls now. But one can hear the noise created by character shifting through the stuff in the background.

In my opinion, this scene creates a feeling of uneasiness. Not knowing what is happening to the character. And the camera focused on the opposite side into the darkness fuels my imagination of something terrible coming out of the darkness.

Anime: Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso or Your Lie in April

Scene: The character is reluctant to help the girl in a live performance. He hides on the rooftop to shy away from that. But the girl catches up with him. It's spring, the cherry blossoms at its peak. After earnestly imploring him to help her out, there is a moment of doubt for the character. Will he agree or not, the dilemma is not broken into a decision yet. We see empty hallway of school now, an empty basketball court (basket ball at the ground), empty stairway. And then it happens ! A cherry blossom petal flies through a window. This is the dynamism, the poetical allegory which convey us beforehand what's the decision will be. Yes, the character agrees to help her out. And we see more cherry blossom petals fall through the wind currents like passengers climbing down to their destinations, in between the two characters.

There are other ideas and themes that I notice. Will write down later.
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