1. Nerevarine

    Smart Camera for Unity 2D Platfomers

    I made my own Camera logic scripts which I have uploaded to Github for anyone to use in their project (2D platformer/sidescroller) Please leave a feedback, I shall update it further as much as possible.. Right now its...
  2. TheMost

    Skype TV or latop ?

    Hello everyone ! I need an opinion from you people. My cousin was married recently and she has gone abroad. Now my uncle and auntie wants to speak to her through something like that. They dont have any knowledge about computers/Smartphones and they don't own any. Now they are ready to...
  3. TechnoBOY

    How to move OBB to sd card?

    How do i move my OBB files of my games to Sd card ? Tried some apps did not help.
  4. Anorion

    what it feels like to move at speed of light

    few days ago landed up on this youtube video. optical effects of special relativity. its low res, but still content is very well explained. JQnHTKZBTI4 APOD: 2011 October 18 - Movie: Approaching Light Speed the link was posted in article in cracked was looking around for similar...
  5. P

    How to move obb files to ext sd card!!!

    Hi...its been very frustrating, for me to handle this..., I got a 32 gb class 10 card for my S4(unrooted) to play big games...but couldn't find a way to move or directly install games to the card.....I had played the same games on my friend xolo q1010i...on the sd was having a option...
  6. S

    issues with sound in laptop

    suddenly refuses to play any sound (numlock, capslock etc / music / ). strangely, when i open any video player, the seek bar doesnt move too. itunes says audio/video configuration error. opening playback devices in sound and configuring/ testing sound shows that another application is using...
  7. Desmond

    GameSpy to shutdown next month.

    The end of another era? Source : GameSpy multiplayer service shutting down next month | PC Gamer I think current games that rely on GameSpy should move to Steamworks.
  8. H

    double move shot

    Have you ever seen this video?
  9. V

    What to say to my family?

    Hello,guys.I know that you're the best out here in India.So,I'll get straight to the point. I just bought a ps3 12 GB model for almost rs. 16,000.When i reached home and told very proudly to my mom. and sis. about thisb'day gift of mine , my mum became very very very and, very angry with me as...
  10. windchimes

    ASUS K53S - Problem ( Sleeping suddenly on movement and battery drain)

    Hi guys, I have a year and 3 month old Asus Laptop ( K53S ) model. For the past 1 week I am facing these issues. a) On few occassions When I move the laptop or move the display slighlty, the laptop goes to sleep mode. I haven't changed any settings b) Charge isn't remaining in the...
  11. M

    XOLO Q 700 Does not support APP2SD function

    Just Bought XOLO Q700. I wanted to move few of my apps,games n photos on phone(xolo q700)memory/internal storage to news Samsung 16 GB memory card. so I tried to move few of the apps using "App2SD" software from google play. But it gave me message "Sorry App2SD function is not available...
  12. R

    Moving from PHP to .NET

    I have 6 years experience in PHP/MySQL and working as a freelancer. Now I want to move to CMM3/ CMM5 companies on the basic of .net technologies (I am learning .NET). Can I proceed from my current situation? If I am able to start my career from CMM3, can I move on to CMM5?
  13. akhilc47

    Lumia 720 can we move apps to external memory

    Can we move the apps to external memory like we do in android phones?
  14. G

    Micromax Canvas HD(A116) root ....

    I recently purchased a Micromax canvas hd, I want to know the safest way to root it and also any custom rom which would fix the irritating gps issue. I'm not a geek, i'm a boy of 15 so let me learn how to root it. I also learned from the net that the official 4.2 update lets u move apps to sd...
  15. sandyss

    How to move game sd data to external sd card?

    I have started this post because some other forum friends told me. Does anyone know how to move LARGE GAME DATA successfully to external sd card(micro sd) in jellybean 4.1.2? Link2sd has started to work for me but still i have doubts!All other methods fails on my galaxy win which is rooted...
  16. K

    PS3 Move

    Anyone here played on the PS3 Move? What is the experience like, is it worth it? Are there good gaming titles out there? I've heard about Sports Champions.
  17. R

    [Want to Buy] Ps3 Move Starter kit + Dualshock + Latest PS3 exclusive games

    Looking for a move kit + move games like sports champion 2 etc + a dualshock 3 + PS3 exclusives like MGR:R and GT5 I got the move kit now am still looking for the games.. Also add Red dead redemption to the list
  18. R

    Buying PS3 now??

    Hi All, Lately, I am starting to think about having a console at home specially after realizing the fact that consoles indeed have an upper hand in new releases and also better games than pcs (I am a hardcore pc gamer and yet thinking of a console too) I have no/less experience with...
  19. icebags

    Sino-Indian defence expert says Chinese aggresive move is to show off "self-confidence".

    - Speech at 22nd Bengal Chamber Think session, by Lora Saalman, a Phd in Sino-Indian military modernisation and a Beijing-based associate at the Nuclear Policy Program of the American think-tank Carnegie Endowment. Source: China expert spies silver lining in Ladakh build-up
  20. darkv0id

    The Webby Awards

    Vote for your favorite gaming related website. Tell us who you you voted for, if you want to. P.S. I voted for Polygon. @ Mods I don't know if this is the right section; move this to another if it please you :-)
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