Wireless keyboard and mouse combo with in Rs.1500/-


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I want to buy a wireless Keyboard and Mouse combo. My budget is around Rs.1200/-. I want to use it mainly for gaming and Typing.
I want to have low profile keys for better typing. Also i want the mouse to be small and comfortable in hand for gaming. i have short listed some models below.
But suggest me anything with same features and within the budget.

1. Microsoft wireless desktop 800 Rs.1200-1300
2. logitech MK 250 Rs.1200-1300
3. Zebronics Companion III Rs.1150-1200
4. Belkin C400 Premium Rs.1150-1200


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Thats fine but the combo doesnt have any Multimedia function.
So, I suggest you get this instead for some bucks more: Logitech MK260 Combo Wireless Keyboard | Keyboard | Flipkart.com

But again MK260 combo doesnt have any on-off switch.
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