1. midhu

    Asus K8VMX Mother board DDR1/DDR2

    Hi, I am using Asus K8VMX Mother board, now I need to upgrade the RAM. So I just want to know whether DDR1 or DDR2 is sutable for this particular MB
  2. S

    RAM queries

    Hello everybody...I have a Intel Pentium P4 PC with 128 RAM(266 mhz).Now I wish to upgrade my RAM and these are my queries:- 1.what should I know about mother board configuration that specifies maximum possible RAM configuration? 2.what are the possible RAM configurations I can upgrade to? 3.can...
  3. S

    what is the cost ?????

    can anybody tell me about the cost of the intel processor core 2 duo E6850 and the mother board for it........ pls reply me ad soon as possible......
  4. S

    Help me in chosing graphics card and MotherBoard

    this is the confg. i have planned.... Is this ok..... or not Configuration: Intel core 2 duo(3.0ghz), intel's P965 mother board??????Any other good board than this?????:confused: :confused: :confused: 2*1 GB DDR2 RAM 667 (kingston), 200GB HDD(seagate), 256MB graphics card(asus en8600GT or...
  5. S

    My PC GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey guys i have 5 PC and 1 Lappy one of my PC (its Compaq) is stopped working... i used it at night but when i trying to open it the power is staying for 1/2 sec. and power off my PC is out of warranty Except MotherBoard tell me is my mother board is Gone or some other thing? if MB gone...
  6. reniarahim1

    Mother Board Suggestion Required

    Hi, I wanted to buy a Intel Based Mother Board. My Primary requirement is not gaming, infact i dont play games at all. But i want to run Vista with Aero. Prefer to have Intel Original Motherboard with support for both Intel Pentium and Dual Core Processors as i want to use my existing P4 chip...
  7. P

    my system is dead slow being the latest hardwares

    my system configuration is intel core 2 duo 2.2 ghz intel 945 gcnl mother board dyanite 1 gb ddr2 seagate 160gb sata samsung dvd writer bought before two weeks before am having pentium three which has 256 mb sdram and 810et msi mother board this configuration is...
  8. bukaida

    How to display different pages in target frames dynamicaly

    I have two dropdown boxes where clicking each element calls different pages.Each page contain a pdf fileand is diplayed on the upper and lower portion of a page frame respectively.Is it possible to design a mother page with two frames where the content of the frame is selected based on the...
  9. official

    want best mother board for amd x2 4200+

    frens please suggest me one best mother board below 3500 for and x2 4200+. Also tell me about jetway M26GT3-SVP. Or asus M2N-MX. I want a nice on board graphics to play most of decent current rig is amd athlon 3200+ and msi k8ngm2-il with nvidia 6100 chipset. Please reply fast as i will...
  10. sg1

    It's a boy

    6lb 3oz born on the 25th of November07 named Riley:D I am the proudest father in England !!!!!!:D :D :D Mother and baby doing fine whilst I'm running round like a headless chicken lol:rolleyes: :p :)
  11. P

    ASUS P5N-E SLI Mother Board not compatiable to WIN XP 32 BIT ?

  12. D

    which RAM supports my mother board

    my mother board model is : INTEL D915GVWB/D910GLDW presently my RAM is : 256MB PC 266 HYNIX (this is writen on the RAM) which type (DDR1 0r 2.....) of RAM will my mother board support and can i use the 512MB RAM 333 or 400 simultaneously with my present RAM...plz tell in detail... thanku...
  13. V

    BIOS Reset

    I have a AMD Based PC with ECS Motherboard. My Mother board model is K8M800 - M2 ( Recently my system is not booting properly. most of the time it doesnt even...
  14. V

    help needed to build a high end pc

    I want help in building a pc processor- intel core 2 duo 2.66ghz E 6750- Rs.8000 ram - 2*1 gb zion ddr2 800mhz-2400*2=4800 hard disk- seagate 400gb sata- 4700 graphic card-- 256 mb asus EN 8600GT-7200(please tell me this card has tv output or not) lcd monitor-- 19 inch wide screen LG...
  15. M

    Reg MSI PM8PM-V Mother Board

    hi, my friend is having a problm on his MSI PM8PM-V mother board. that, it s not working. can anyone guide me about to trouble shooting this problm ? waiting yours mobileman
  16. punk

    True story of love-very touching

    A certain rich businessman had abeautiful daughter, who fell in love with a guy who was acleaner.When the girl's father came to know about their love, he didn't like it at all, and so began to protest about it. Now it happened that the two lovers decided to leave their homes for a happy future...
  17. P

    Pc Configuration Required For Engg Applications

    Please suggets the required mother board for the following configurations. 1. Intel Mother board suitable for proceessors like Intel C2D E6750 & Intel Quad core procesor Q6600 (OR) ASUS Mother board to suit the above processors 2...
  18. P

    Higher End Pc Configuration

    Sirs, I want to get an assembled system with higher end specifications for Engineering applications like Autocad, staad pro, rendering 3D studio max,etc..Please suggest me the best configuration with the the following options. 1) Using Intel Q6600 OR E6750 Processor and SUITABLE Intel mother...
  19. M

    I got celeron D 320 instead of P4 from LG,which one is better ?

    Today i got processor and motherboard replacement from LG my pc after 40 days of fight and consumer court warnings. old configuration was..... current processor and mobo Mother board is as it is ,but they changed processor . which one is better ? should i ask for p4...
  20. Ankush_is_here

    Intel D845GVSR Help Needed

    Hello guys i m Ankush Gupta i have intel845 GVSR Mother board now days it show many problem like restarting,hanging,no display but when i loose the clips of processes fan it work well help what will i do and tell me is it the problem of processes or mother board
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