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  1. I

    Graphics Card for ASUS P5B MX Wi-Fi AP Mother Board

    I need an Graphics Card for ASUS P5B MX Wi-Fi AP Mother Board. My processor is Inet Core 2 Duo E4500. PSU is 450 W. I selected ASUS RADEON HD 6670. Please sugesst me good one compactable with motherboard. It should also be linux compactable ( Ubuntu 10.04) My budget is arround 6k Thank...
  2. T

    confusion in buying components for gaming?

    hey,i am going to upgrade my pc... my budget is Rs.20000 and parts to buy are these. 1.cpu 2.gpu 3.monitor 4.psu... please suggest me the right..my mother board is gigabyte m68-mtd3.. i should be able to play games smoothly without any lag...all new games which are going to be released in...
  3. S

    mother board

    can anybody tell me where can i get acer aspire 4520z mother board..pls help............
  4. M

    Upgrading PC?

    Dear Friends I have computer with following configuration Core2Duo 2.8GHz Intel D102 Mother Board 1GB DDR2 ram my aim is to change the motherboard and ram and upgrade graphic card My maximum budget will be 10k I want to buy a new motherboard that can support DDR3 ram and...
  5. R

    Phone between 3000-4000

    i need a phone under the strict budget of below 4000 for my mother.. please suggest except nokia.. :) Thank You
  6. J

    Motherboard around 6-8K ?

    Hi, I am helping some one buy a new desktop ... Can you guys please suggest a motherboard for intel core i5 2500k? As we are spending heavily on processor and discrete graphics card my mother board can only cost me around 8k max. I want atleast 2 x8 PCI slots. Also the board should...
  7. B

    Best budget mother board for sandy bridge 2500 ?

    Hello, Can any one recommend me best budget mother board for sandy bridge 2500 under Rs 7000 ? 1) I want graphic on board with pci express slot option 2) Not going to use pc for gaming 3) Not going to over clock 4) I want to go with Gigabyte of Asus 5) must have support for USB 3 Any...
  8. root.king

    suggest any good graphics card under 5000 INR

    hello guys i had purchased a pc from a second hand dealer configur: HP Proliant ML115 Mother board:from foxconn dont know how to identify But has a PCIe-x16slot CPU:AMD opteron dual core 2.4Ghz RAM: 2GB DDR2 DISPLAY: LG 1600X1200 HDD: 160GB OPTICAL: LG 22X DVD-RW my question is can my...
  9. Rahim

    What is the most important part of the body?

    What is the most important part of the body? by Geeta. My mother used to ask me: “What is the most important part of the body?” Through the years I would take a guess at what I thought was the correct answer. When I was younger, I thought sound was very important to us as humans, so I...
  10. S

    Need Suggestion!!!!

    Hi all.. please....... suggest me a mother board for i5 661 core processor.. as my dealer suggested me for Intel DH55TC, any suggestions better than and cheaper than this mother board. :?: Also U can mail me on hattiz@ymail.com..
  11. A

    Right graphics card fro the right mother board.

    Hello friends, i have Asus M2N-SLI mother board...and XFX 8600 GT gforce card...i am getting BSOD and having lot of issues...i sometimes wonder if this card was right for my mother board? please help me...i am not able to attach the BSOD here..please advice
  12. P

    Config Req. for Intel i5 655k processor based system

    Hi Digit Team/Users I'm new guy for this forum though I'm long time subscribed user for Digit Magazine. I'm planning to buy a new system for which I choose Intel i5 655K processor as base. Please advice your suggestions for following doubts 1. Which mother board I can go for...
  13. shiwa436

    Need suggestion in troubleshooting HCL desktop

    I bought a HCL branded system. its configuration is Mother Board:ASUS P5P vm/s Processor :Intel p4 RAM : 256 MB Recently, when i tried to power on the system, the system doesnt responded. A local serving centre checked the system and told that the mother board shorted... and...
  14. B

    Best Mother board for AMD 1055T/1090T

    Kindly help me to choose a best mother board for AMD X6 1055T proccy. Requirements 1. No Integrated Graphics - Adding separate graphics card. 2. Cross fire support - to add multiple gpu later. 3. USB 3 and Sata 6, HDMI, firewire port - mandatory to make it future proof 4. Budget <=9K...
  15. A

    Help me to choose a good Mother Board

    Guys, I am planning to assemble a new PC. I have decided to go with "AMD Phenom II 965 X4 AM3" CPU. Also I am planning to go for "Radeon HD 5570" graphics card (as i am not an avid gamer :smile: ) . Please help me to select a good mother board for the above CPU & GPU combination. My...
  16. bad_till_bones

    1 GB Graphics Card for Intel D102GGC2

    Guys, I have Intel D102GGC2 mother board n a RAM of 2 GB (the max it can support). Planning to but an 1GB Graphics Card. Have couple of queries - - What would be the best buy? (Range up to Rs. 5000) - Will my mother board support a 1GB graphics card?
  17. C

    Help needed selecting mother board

    Hi, Need to take a new mother board to replace an Intel D945 GCNL. Need to select mother board such that it can work with existing components. Can you please suggest some mother boards and what factors to be looked into? and also should I go for Intel or Gigabyte or any other brand(in terms...
  18. E

    Mother board upgrading help needed... urgent

    i am planning to upgrade my pc . the config is p4 3.0 ghz ht processor (775 socket) dg 101 ggc mother board ( very bad mother board ) 256 ddr ram Would this processor work fine with ddr 2 rams and new mother boards , i also need a mother board with serial port , cos i need to run...
  19. E

    Please suggest me to rig pc under 16 k

    Need help to get a pc under 16 k for my office use , i would like to avoid using celerons and amds . i am using e 2160,e 2140 already for my office purpose and they are quite efficient. I am not aware of the new processors and mother boards that have been introduced into the market after...
  20. NucleusKore

    Pet python strangles US toddler

    Source: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/8130282.stm A pet python broke out of its holding tank and strangled a two-year-old girl in the bedroom of her home in Florida, local authorities said. The 8ft (2.5m) albino Burmese python had also bitten Shaiunna Hare on her forehead several...
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