help needed to build a high end pc

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I want help in building a pc

processor- intel core 2 duo 2.66ghz E 6750- Rs.8000

ram - 2*1 gb zion ddr2 800mhz-2400*2=4800

hard disk- seagate 400gb sata- 4700

graphic card-- 256 mb asus EN 8600GT-7200(please tell me this card has tv output or not)

lcd monitor-- 19 inch wide screen LG -10000

please refer me a mother board with all the new features ( upto Rs. 12000)

1 should also support core 2 quad
2 fsb support 1333Mhz
3 Ram support- ddr3(1333 )
4 sata,raid,sli,hd audio,ethernet onboard,firewire etc
and also tell me other features

few of my choices are-
1 msi P35 platinum
2 msi 935 neo
3 intel DG975 XBX2
4 msi P6N SLI platinum D3
5 Msi K9N SLI Platinum
6 gigabyte -Ga-G33m-D52R

Please tell me oter options available and also evalute these mother boards with refference to features and price.

and also tell me should I wait for sometime as intel next line processors are due shortly?

I want every one of u to help me

You can also tell me other configurations for pc.


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Buddy since u are new here

I would say Use search option in this thread .....

Choto Cheeta tharead on " Basic Guide purchase a New System " is the place of such questions & Plus U have a wide vareity of options available there


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8600GT for a high end rig ?? hahahahaha . good joke . post in Basic Guide purchase a New System sticky . . .u'll find choto cheeta to be very helpful .BTW , basic guide doesnt mean only basic systems are suggested . .. take atleast a 8800GTS but in 2 weeks the new 8800GT is being released , so u can wait for that.


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8600gt card is the best value for money and I am not in gaming but only in video encoding, so for me it is high end.

I will appriciate if anyone has to suggest me a moterboard which can be useful for sometime in future and has a upgrade option.


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N if tell u mobo @ abt 7500 which has all these features? then what
Go for Asus 650i SLI ready mobo...Its p5ne-sli

U can check this at BOARDS R GOOD BUT NOW age is catching them n they r getting outdated day by day...n p35 series is there but far too expensive n although that has arried but still havent left any impact...
Coming onto graphic card Nvidia 256 mb 8600gts is the best but if budget is concerned then u ca go for 8600gt as i have gone for it n believe my dear friend everygame runs as smooth as it can...
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@vishal_2032 i've used the XFX 8600GT 256MB and its a good card in that budget range.has gr8 oc capabilities.u can easily oc it to 700|1620|1700.


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ok thanks but can anyone name few motherboard with price for core 2 duo 6750 (supporting 1333 mhz bus speed, ddr3 ram, sli, raid etc)till 13 k


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vishal_2032 said:
ok thanks but can anyone name few motherboard with price for core 2 duo 6750 (supporting 1333 mhz bus speed, ddr3 ram, sli, raid etc)till 13 k

XFX nForce 680i-LT SLI
ASUS P5K C (supports DDR2 and DDR3)
Asus P5B-VM
P5N 32 E SLI (Best i believe---so far)



for DDR3 you will have to go for either a G33 or P35 based motherboard.

i say go for P35 if u need DDR3. Asus has a good range of boards in P35 chipset family. and asus is one of the best right now. the starting range of P35 in Asus is abt 9K. just go to the asus website and you will find the whole range.


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But still DDR3 RAM cost a fortune as now! U can opt a combi board like P5K-C because it supports DDR2 and DDR3 both. So u will be using any one of them!

Even still DDR3 doesn't make a big performance it is advisable to buy a DDR 2 RAM.
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