1. Vyom

    Life without Mobiles....

    So after we pondered what would have been life, if not without computers... lets discuss this.. What would we do.. if we didn't have mobiles these days! I know few people who still dont like smartphones (calling gameranand).
  2. R

    Problem of not showing files on PC.

    I own a Lenovo Vibe P1 phone and when I connect my phone to my laptop,it does not shows obb folder in the Android folder but when I see it in my phone I can see that. Same is with the Video folder and the DCIM folder. I can see all my photos in the phone but when searched in computer ,it only...
  3. A

    Mobile multipin car charger

    Require one for my motorola mobiles.where can i buy one with multipins to charge both motorola mobiles,require for maruti s cross i am buying.Also please suggest a car mobile holder which can accomodate moto g 2 size phones and withstand car jhatkas in bad road.thanks
  4. anarchy0x

    4 sim or 3 sim android mobiles

    Are there any 'good quality' 4 sim or 3 sim android mobiles available? Please tell me the brand etc. - - - Updated - - - Anyone please?
  5. I

    A new mobile phone below 5k

    Hi people, I am looking forward to buy a android phone within or for Rs. 5000 Please suggest me some good options for it. I am looking forward for a decent device with decent config. Value for money is important. Best, PosterGuy
  6. demoninside9

    Which mobile is better? honor4c or asus-zenfone-5

    Hi guys, I am planning to buy a new mobile. I gone through some according to my budget. I saw 2 mobiles Huawei Honor 4c : Phone Details, Price & Reviews - Buy Now and Asus Zenfone 5 Price in India - Buy Asus Zenfone 5 Black 8 Online - Asus : Please suggest me which one...
  7. Flash

    Is our generation ADDICTED to mobile/tablet much?

    When i travelled in bus/train while i was a kid, the commuters who don't even know each other will share newspapers among them, and talk about something. Even if two guys were talking about a trivial thing, the whole compartment/bus will listen and others join. But in our generation, all i can...
  8. rohitshakti2

    Open or Free VPN services for mobiles

    Hi While surfing net I found Free VPN softwares and Open VPN softwares for mobiles and PCs. They claim that we can use internet or 3G for free. Can this be possible and if yes, How? I am using MTNL Delhi Dolphin 3G connection in my Moto E. Regards
  9. adityak469

    Where And How To Dispose Off/Recycle My Old Hardware?

    So i was going through old non working hardware and found around 5 mobiles, a ODD and well my old PC(parts). I wanted to know where and how to dispose them off safely OR If you people could suggest me a way to recycle them then it'd be awesome...
  10. D

    Software like Zoho Invoice

    Hey Guys, My father runs a manufacturing business and he needs a software to maintain his quotation, orders and invoice and keep track of them.. I would be nice if we could use it over cloud so that we can access it on mobiles too.. I tried ZoHo Invoice and it is great except for the...
  11. K

    Finding images on web

    Hey guys , Where can I find hi resolution images related to technology? I need it mainly for my blog and it should not be copyrighted. I have looked through unsplash but I could not find any technology related pics in that. I wan hi res images of laptops , mobiles, and everything else. Where...
  12. A

    portable multi charger for mobile phones

    anything likr this available here in our country which can provide charging orts for all types of mobiles or multiple mobiles together
  13. Baker

    Mobile Under 17K

    Guys i am looking for a Android phoine under 17k Max [ actually i extended from 15k] , my requirements 1:normal internet usage 2:normal gaming 3:music quality should be good 4: good battery back up not considering any particular brand , but looking more of a sharp edged shape than...
  14. A

    Oppo N1 or Lava Iris Pro? Which is better?

    Oppo is a new mobile brand for me however I heard it for providing the health care products but what if it comes to choose between Oppo N1 new phone with Lava Iris Pro. Which deliver the competent specs?
  15. A

    windows vs android

    Mobiles based on which one of the two platforms are better to use? I am confused...
  16. Arnab boss

    how r chinese made copy android mobiles...

    hello guys..,i hav been to china recently for vacation....i had been to a electronics super mall over there and i was shocked and amazed to c mobiles frm local manufactured companies....:shock::shock::shock: they hav copied models from every leading mobile companies..b it nokia lumia series to...
  17. R

    Help to choose a Videocon mobile

    I interested in Videocon mobiles. I have two doubts, please clear these: 1.) Videocon mobiles are good in: Battery Camera Internet Connectivity Dual Standby Service/Repair 2.) Which one is best: V1575 V1665 V1603 V1805 A15 3.) And more, Can I off the A-GPS / GPS on Videocon...
  18. ashs1

    Confused like Hell for a ~20k phone !!!

    Hi guys :) After about 7 years, atlast, i decided to buy a new Android phone. I've been using Sony Ericsson W580i( :P pls don't laugh ) for calling/messaging purposes & an ipod touch ( which my brother no longer needed ) for my multimedia purposes. The SE W580i has been through the rough...
  19. Subhankar Mondal

    Can a mobile be affected by virus ?

    Is there any specific anti virus for Android mobiles? I use xperia.
  20. J

    Best Android phone (ICS) around 8k?

    Hi! Which is the best Android phone, preferably ICS, around 8k? I searched for good phones from Samsung, Sony, HTC, etc. Finally I heard about the Karbonn A9+ which is supercool in terms of configuration. But I'm really doubtful about that brand. Anyone who knows, please give ur suggestions...
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